12 months + 12 blessings: The Thanksgiving 2022 edition

My American holiday: Reunited with family for a cozy, simple Christmas

Thanksgiving 2021: The year that was the fullness of life

This year Mother’s Day means so much more

How I am shifting into the holiday season

Thanksgiving in Paris: Eat, drink, and be merry

This homemade peach infused gin is my new fave summer cocktail

Graduation: One of the finest Swedish traditions there is

Day 19: Merry Swedish Christmas Eve

How I became the leader of a tribe of elder women

Why we love hosting friends for the weekend

21 days of mindful eating: Finding balance halfway

I ushered in July with Miss Voon : Uppsala’s sassy + sexy rooftop bar

21 days of mindful eating: Figuring out my intentions

21 days of mindful eating: A summer challenge for feeling good

This sweet potato chickpea Buddha bowl saved me from my cooking rut

How I did Spring break this year: Family, food, drink, and culture

the week that was all about thanksgiving // 47

my cousin is coming to town!

why this year thanksgiving is all about the people

a classic american thanksgiving for expats: complete with easy recipes

week forty four // two ways to celebrate life + death

the zen of drinking tea. and a recipe for a cup of peace.

from gatherings to everyday life: liz’s cozy day chili

// week thirty // nick’s in town + vacation has begun!

countdown to the big arrival

it’s a great day for a wedding

five reasons she’s the best thing that ever happened to me

on the last day of april it’s time to celebrate

the one thing i love about easter in sweden

happy new year from us!

together for christmas: an american xmas day

together for christmas: a swedish christmas eve

christmas day is here!

merry christmas eve: bringing sweden to the states

little christmas + the end of an era

everyone loves a {christmas} parade

’tis the season for carrying on old christmas traditions + creating new ones

fika comes full-circle

70th perfection

hanging out together

this is who i am

back where i come from

friends & family are what it’s all about

the swedish invasion: round 2.

the swedish invasion

sensory overload: easter celebrations!

sensory overload: holiday festivities!