hello! welcome to belovelive.

hello, you. there is a cycle that runs through all of the seasons, through the entire year, through all of life. it is the rhythm of nature. and this is space is where i explore, share, discover, and document my journey of creating + living a slow, soulful life in rhythm with nature.

i believe that we are all invited to join in this slow, soulful life way of living. for, we too, are a part of the rhythm of nature. our bodies + our lives follow the same cycle, the same beat, the same rhythms we find in nature: the changing of the seasons, the phases of the moons, the sunrises + sunsets of each day, the sacred days we celebrate, the cycle of life-death-rebirth, the waxing + waning of our energy, and even the breaths that we take.

but, we have more than just a physical connection to the rhythm of life. the cycles of the year are the cycles of our life. and i believe that we are called to drop down into the energies of these cycles + the energies of each season.  here the mystery + wisdom of the earth guide us. so, this is not only an outward journey of observing nature, but also a very personal, inner journey in the midst of everyday life. we are invited to align our souls with the earth, and in doing so, we align with a slow, mindful, ancient way of living.

join me as i journey through the four seasons. aligning with the rhythms of nature, celebrating the festivals, rituals, and sacred days of the liturgical year, turning inward + outward, and documenting it all as i discover the medicine + sacred simplicity right in the middle of everyday life. and here’s what you may discover all along the way:
  • a slower, simpler life
  • rituals + practices to use every day
  • a reason to gather + celebrate
  • a renewed appreciation of each season
  • inspiration + mystery from the moon
  • trust in the unfolding of life
  • a deeper understanding of life-death-rebirth
  • a sense of grounding + peace, even in the midst of life’s chaos
  • heightened intuition
  • access to your own wisdom + power
  • a sense of purpose