This is the page where I get a little formal and business-y. I think it’s important to also share my qualifications + experiences with. And, while formal education or jobs are not what define any of us, I do believe that it is important for you to know a bit of my background so you can feel safe + secure, should you decide to give me the privilege of sharing some of my offerings with you.

Of course, you can ask me anything, at any time. just shoot me an email right now, if you’d like. If I don’t cover it here, just ask!

My professional qualifications:

Degrees earned:

→ Bachelor of Arts in Special Education (4 year university program + teaching certification)

→ Master’s of Divinity (4 year master’s program in theology and pastoral training)

→ International Life Coach Certification (1 year theoretical and practical training)

Professional work:

→ Special Education teacher elementary, middle and high school (7 years)

→ Minister/Pastor at Central UMC in Canton, NC (United Methodist Church, 8 years)

→ Minister/Youth Pastor at Centrumkyrkan in Norrköping, Sweden (Equmeniakyrkan, 2 years)

→ Mentor/Counselor for teens/young adults (2016-present)

While I have had many different roles in my professional life and personal interests, the same goal has remained the same: to inspire. Whether blogging, traveling, writing for a newspaper,being a mentor/life coach, writing sermons and creating small group classes to encourage spiritual development in a church setting, or writing individualized plans and teaching students with disabilities to believe in themselves, I have used my words, my images, my knowledge, and my experiences to motivate and encourage others to discover who they are and to create a life of peace and service, and to find the joy in exploring the world.

I work from the International Coaching Federation guidelines and core competencies

All of this means that you can feel safe and secure that I have studied, trained, and been certified as a Life Coach within the largest Life Coaching organization in the world. My training has set high standards from which I work to ensure a professional, confidential, competent environment for growth + transformation for my clients.

A. Setting the Foundation 
1. Meeting Ethical Guidelines and Professional Standards
2. Establishing the Coaching Agreement

B. Co-creating the Relationship
3. Establishing Trust and Intimacy with the Client
4. Coaching Presence

C. Communicating Effectively 
5. Active Listening
6. Powerful Questioning
7. Direct Communication

D. Facilitating Learning and Results 
8. Creating Awareness
9. Designing Actions
10. Planning and Goal Setting
11. Managing Progress and Accountability

I work with complete confidentiality! Do not hesitate to get in touch! 

Let’s connect!

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