Life Coaching Testimonials:

I have really enjoyed my coaching sessions with Liz, and our Skype sessions feel like I am catching up with an old friend.  Liz creates a coaching space that is comfortable, relaxed and non-judgemental and I really look forward to our online meetings.  We talk about everything from living intentionally, being ‘productive’, coping with to-do lists and using a daily routine – or not – to feel more grounded throughout the day.  Liz listens to my stories and everyday challenges, shares her own experiences and provides inspiration.  She doesn’t ‘tell me what to do’, but makes suggestions based on what I am telling her and asks questions that help me discover answers that are meaningful to me.  It would be great to meet in person one day!

– Emelie V.

It was great to meet you on Skype, I loved our session! If anyone is interested in trying out some life coaching, I encourage you to go for it – Liz is great and the process is incredibly helpful!

– Amy H.

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