03.16 a mixed tape for march // stay wild + live free

it’s march! and that means that later this month we celebrate the spring equinox in the northern hemisphere. did you hear me?! spring is on its way. and i could not be more freakishly over-the-moon about that.

perhaps that’s one of the reasons that i decided to make march’s theme wild.

even though it’s still cold and will still snow, march is a transition month. we are leaving winter behind for this year, and the official beginning of spring is right around the corner…

and all of that makes me feel like going wild. 

like throwing my windows open to let in the fresh air. like turning my face to the ever-slowly-warming sunshine. oh yes, that spring sunshine… during this month, rays of sun creep into our homes, washing the floors with golden light. sunrise comes much earlier. sunset, much later. birds begin chirping. and it’s as if you can literally feel the earth beginning her long, slow, stretch to awaken. the pulse of activity + life begins to beat again.

like i said, i just feel like going wild. like howling at the moon. running through the forest. basking in the sunshine. talking to the birds. communing with nature.

my spring equinox ritual from last year
my spring equinox ritual from last year

i feel a new energy growing inside of me… that same energy that is growing beneath the earth, where the seeds and insects are stirring, where the buds on the trees are preparing for their coming out. this month, i feel the urge to give in to my inner gypsy, bohemian heart. to live free. to let loose my hippie tendencies + re-discover my wildness.

i want to nest at home – to create a space of openness, freedom, and free-spiritedness. a place for relaxation, deep conversations, and communal gatherings. i want to create peace + make love.

i want to wander… around my neighborhood. through my city. in my country. around the world. under the sun, under the stars, under the moon. by the waters. deep in the trees.

i want to engage in rituals that connect me with mother earth. i want to bring nature inside + celebrate her transitions. i want to cook good food + gather around table with wine + food. i want to mark the passing of time + slow down to embrace and observe all of the little changes and transformations taking place all around me (and within me).

i want to feel the power of the sunrise + sunset. to  soak up the energy, and stand in awe of the beauty of waking up to new life and new beginnings. and of feeling the calm, restful peace of the night. i want sing to the moon + worship the sun.

yes, this month is going to be a wild one. as wild as we choose to make it. and, i intend to bravely live from my authentic, free-spirited self. i intend to mindfully choose to fill my days + nights with magical, organic, natural, raw, grounded freedom + mysticism. days and nights of love + peace.

a whole month of wild, free, inspired living. that’s what i’m after.

and, to help us stay wild + live free, i’ve created a playlist to keep us inspired. so, turn up the volume. dance, if you feel like it. dance naked, even, should you feel so free. or sit quietly and just feel your soul connected with the world around you. or whatever your spirit tells you to do.  but, always keep alert. observe. breathe. magic + miracles will be happening every single day, no matter where you are or what you are doing. hold a flower, care for a plant, watch a bird, dare to feel the ground beneath your bare feet. have a bonfire. cook organic food. embrace your inner hippie.

life is happening right now. all around us. and it’s beautiful + crazy + breath-taking. i am so excited to write + explore more ways of living authentically, of embracing my mystic, nature-loving self and to bring you a weekly post on this theme of the month throughout all of march. it’s gonna be… well, wild.

stay wild, folks, and live free. peace out. xoxo // liz

march playlist wild

click on the photo or here to get the playlist on spotify.

Back To The Wild – Langhorne Slim

Violently Wild – Horse Feathers

Coyote Creek – Dylan LeBlanc

Hunter – Aldous Harding

Howl – The Lowest Pair

New Wild Everywhere – Great Lake Swimmers

Meet Me in the Woods – Lord Huron

Wildflower Honey – The Stray Birds

Feather In the Wind – Susie Suh

Wild & You – My Bubba

Stay Free – Black Mountain

Gypsy Woman – Ry Cooder

Wild Country – Wake Owl

Tiger Striped Sky – Roo Panes

Wildewoman – Lucius

The River Song – Old Bear Mountain

River Girl – Kelley Mickwee

Gypsy Moon – Joshua Meltzer

into the wild – Lewis Watson

Mountain Sound – Of Monsters and Men

Woodland – The Paper Kites

Kick Drum Heart – The Avett Brothers

Ring Around The Moon – Elephant Revival

Wild Animals – Trampled By Turtles

Wild Soul – The Law, Langhorne Slim

Where Something Wild Still Grows – The Pines

Wild West – Lissie

Home In The Woods – Cory Chisel and the Wandering Sons

Moon Woman II – Elvis Perkins

Spring – Joy Kills Sorrow

The Wolf – Eddie Vedder

Song For Zula – Ronnie Fauss

This Land Is Your Land – My Morning Jacket

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