10 things i can’t wait to do during summer vacation in the states!

Today’s the day! After 1 and a 1/2 years, or 18 months, we are headed back to the States for our summer vacation!!

And it’s gonna be FOUR WEEKS of good ole American bliss.  Lina and I get to hug a bunch of necks, catch up with tons of important people, enjoy all of the things (read: food, shopping, american vibes, weather, and beer) we love, and, most importantly, be with family.

To celebrate, I’ve come up with a “Ten Things I Can’t Wait To Do” List. So, while I am flying right now… here’s a little taste for you, dear readers, of what’s waiting for us when land. Some of the things that I have missed the most (not in any particular order). And, of course, there are way more than I’ve mentioned here!

mexican food

// Mexican food by made Mexicans (with an endless basket of hot, fresh, salty tortilla chips!)

// Striking up conversations with complete strangers anytime, anywhere, and about anything

nyc cafe

// That special dirty, humid, wonderful NYC street smell (You got it. We’re spending 2.5 days in NYC!)

// Enjoying the great diversity that makes up the American population. So many different people, of all kinds, and, yet, all Americans. Loving the fact that there is not one way to describe an American – at least that’s what I believe.


//Cheap beer at funky, relaxed, warehouse-y/garage places

// Long, hot beach days in North Carolina beginning with morning yoga by the ocean, coffee on the deck, beer while sunning, jumping waves, and dinner out while laughing my ass off through it all


// Hiking in the Great Smokey Mountains + walking the streets of Asheville

// Road trippin’ with the music blasting + I get to driiiiiive


// Family + friends

// Soaking up that proud, nostalgic, grateful feeling of “This is where I come from. This is where I was raised. This is my history.”

Of course, this is only the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more planned, and even more unplanned, for this amazing vacation back home.

So, of course, I’m gonna be Snapchatting + Instagramming my way up + down the East Coast of the US. Follow along  – and see what adventures and crazy stories Lina + I will be telling all along the way! It’s gonna be epic!!

Snapchat: liz.belovelive

Instagram: @belovelivephotography

See you when we’re Stateside!

xoxo. liz.

12 thoughts on “10 things i can’t wait to do during summer vacation in the states!

  1. and hang out with Liz Hott!!! (I’ll count myself in the family/friends bullet!) YAY VACATION!!!!

    1. Gaaaaahhh! How wonderful was it to meet you?! It was supremely fabulous! And I cannot wait until we see each other again! xoxo

  2. Det går inte en dag utan att tankarna går flertalet gånger till allt som har med USA att göra för både sambon och mig; naturen, människorna, ölen, vägarna, atmosfären… Nästa trip får bli med barnstol och nya erfarenheter och äventyr 🙂 Vi har redan börjat slipa på resplanerna!
    Ha en alldeles underbar resa nu!
    Massa kramar

    1. Å, jag vet hur mycket ni giller USA! Det kommer massor av bilder så kanske du kan få en liten USA-fix då! 🙂 Kramar! xx

  3. So glad you both have made it here!! How wonderful! I’m sorry I haven’t caught up with you recently, clearly there’s a reason you’ve been on my mind. I’d love to see you when in Asheville if at all possible. Either way – have a BLAST!! Much love to you both. <3 <3 <3

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