time for a little greek culture. woo hoo! i think that is it so amazing to have an opportunity to walk through an old village/town and to see ancient ruins from 300-400ish years before jesus. when i put my hand on the old stones & columns, and hear the stories of how people have walked & climbed the same path as me, i feel connected. connected to all of history. i am overwhelmed and excited. i am inspired and amazed. there is something that stirs within me… reminding me, & giving me the chance to live first-hand, the belief that all humans are part of each other. part of me feels transported back in time, as i imagine the ancient greeks conducting business in the agora (outdoor marketplace) or the pilgrims who climbed the same mountain, the same path that i did, to the top of the acropolis to seek out the wisdom of the oracle who lived in the temple. back in the present day, i stand in the same temple, pondering the same universal questions about life, death, purpose, and love. what an amazing image & metaphor. a tough and beautifully stunning climb to the top of a mountain, never giving up, hoping to reach the top, seeking wisdom, knowledge, and answers to questions about life. aren’t we really all on the same journey?

lindos… a classic greek village with white buildings on the side of the mountain, with an acropolis & ruins at the top.

on the path through the village and up to the acropolis.

peace on your journey.


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