a book in a month: i’m doing it!

dear friends + family, i’ve set out on a month long journey to complete my book (temporarily named “From Death to Life: How I Found Inner Peace”) by the end of may!!

it is with super sweaty palms + a fluttering heart that i write this to you… it feels so revealing. i am putting it out there, and i am so scared of not following through. but, even more than that, i’m excited! besides, we don’t get anywhere unless we try. and we get even further if we don’t try, but just do it.

and I WANT YOUR INPUT! i have lots of ideas, and i have already started, and much of the book is based on my writings here on the blog, but i want to hear what you want to hear about my journey to inner peace. anything is fair game! what questions do you have? what interests you? how can i help you on your own journey? what stories do you want to hear? and do you want to hear my story in chronological form or as a collection of writings?

please leave me a comment TODAY, as i have a very motivated, tight schedule. hehe. i’d truly, absolutely love (and appreciate!) your input!

so, comment away, friends. thank you!

onwards + upwards! xoxo


7 thoughts on “a book in a month: i’m doing it!

  1. Wow! good for you. Way to go!

    I love your writings that balance spirituality of all natures. I always yearn to hear/read more as you continually help me understand my own spiritual nature/views.

  2. När jag läser din blogg uppskattar jag när du skriver frågor som jag som läsare får reflektera över. Det tycker jag du ska ha med i boken.

    1. Å, vilken bra idé! Kanske jag borde skriva frågor på slutet av varje kapitel. Tack!!

  3. How do you define your inner peace? How do you know that’s what it is? What is it based on, you think? I’m so proud of you, my everything <3

    1. My definition of inner peace… something I should definitely include, baby. Thanks! And, your support means everything to me. Love you so much!

  4. I vote for chronological — I’m curious as to how you got started! And yay for being bold and putting yourself out there. 🙂

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