all of life is an adventure

“I do not accept any absolute formulas for living. No preconceived code can see ahead to everything that can happen in a man’s life. As we live, we grow and our beliefs change. They must change. So I think we should live with this constant discovery. We should be open to this adventure in heightened awareness of living. We should stake our whole existence on our willingness to explore and experience. ”
― Martin Buber

coffee sofa morning

i think that this is just beautiful. to see all of life as an adventure, an opportunity to explore + discover every single second of every day. to live mindfully, intentionally, and with the expectation that miracles and amazing things are happening.  in a world such as ours, we need this vision. we need this way of living completely in the moment, accepting who we are + where we are, and completely willing to bend and flex with the flow with the universe… to allow ourselves to deepen + widen + heighten. to become enlightened and evolve.

what an incredible way to experience life!

happy weekend, lovely readers. thank you for inspiring me, hanging with me, supporting me, and teaching me how to learn how to live from my spirit. wishing you a weekend filled with explorations, discoveries, and adventures – no matter where you are!

onwards + upwards! xoxo

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