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hello! you’ve found the intro page… congratulations! think of it as a little navigational map for you to begin to gain a sense of direction and understand of what this website is all about. hopefully, you will begin to get a glimpse of my purpose for this whole belovelive thing as you explore and dig deeper. if this is your first time here, an extra special welcome to you!!

ok. let’s jump right in. there are basically two parts to this website:

// life coaching

// blogging

however, there is only one purpose: inspiration!

for me, belovelive is all about living life to the fullest, being true to ourselves, staying present in the moment, making a difference, and sharing the whole journey with each other all along the way.

it’s like one, long, gigantic, beautiful, crazy adventure that we get to explore and experience – sometimes wildly + rowdily together, and sometimes in the quiet little space of our own souls.

it is my intention to help others create that space of wild, freedom and pause + reflection in life, by having this community space where there is an opportunity to connect with me, should you so wish, via my life coaching work and my blogging + photography, in order to help you discover who you are, what you want, and how to create that life that you are longing for.

you may looking for someone to talk with, someone to help guide you through all of those crazy, unanswerable, existential questions, someone to walk with you on your search for your truth… or you may simply want some tips on slow, mindful living, some spiritual inspiration, some stories + adventures from an expat american, a playlist with some new music, or just some pretty pictures to look at.

whatever it is that you are seeking, i am here, belovelive is here, to provide you with a moment of peace and a bit of inspiration on your journey. 

inspiration flows from me to you + from you to me. i share my thoughts, tips, music, adventures, experiences, ponderings, and whatever else pops into my mind with you via the blog. and you share so much, though you may not even know it, just by your presence here.

basically, what i’m trying to do is to create an online tribe of wild, free, soulful, mindful, intentional, adventurers + lovers. won’t you join in?!

// to learn more about life coaching (what is it exactly, right?!), just click on the life coaching tab at the top of the page.

// to read more about my everyday life + how i seek to live slowly + mindfully, just click on the blog tab at the top of the page.

but, before you leave this page, feel free to hit up some of the links below to explore some of the top posts from my four main categories on the blog. click on any links you find interesting. these are the basics, and some of the most popular posts.

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