better late than never i always say.

two-ish weeks ago i received 2 comments which notified me that i had won 2 different blog awards. wow! cool! well, it has been super busy in my life, and i have had blog posts & ideas for blog posts coming out my ears, so it is only now that i am finally getting around to responding to those awards. but, at least i’m doing it now.

1. the versatile blogger award.

the fun american chick from NYC who now lives in sweden over at somethingswedish gave me this award. i admit, with a little embarrassment, that this is the second time i have been awarded this one. needless to say, i am unbelievably honored and excited that a fellow expat here in sweden thought of me! she has just moved here (about 4-5 months ago, if i remember correctly) and it is extremely entertaining to read about her new experiences and vicariously live through her first year adjustments to living in sweden (reminds me much of my first year, and brings back good memories!). it’s a good read, and i truly suggest that you stop by & check her out. thanks, girl!

since i won this award previously as well, i’m gonna skip out on the rules and instead send you to my previous post, the one i did when i won the first time. the blogs that i mentioned there are still wonderful blogs & they have become part of my daily reads. they are my first true connections in this blogosphere, so i hold them dear to my little blogging heart. click here & find some awesome new blogs to read and 7 fun things about myself that you didn’t know!

2. the beautiful blogger award.

this is the first time i’ve been awarded this one! makes me happy that someone thinks of my blog as beautiful. what a compliment. thanks to leigh over at bluegrass notes for thinking of me! leigh’s blog is beautiful in what she writes about… she makes me feel calm & offers wonderful, interesting thoughts on living a healthy, spiritual, whole life. check her out! thanks again, leigh.

now on to the fun!

5 beautiful blogs you rally should check out!

  • 365 to 30. an inspiring & gorgeous blog about a young woman’s year-long journey to her 30th birthday. love the pics!
  • the urban hippie. i love this chick’s pictures. sooo beautiful. give s me a great little USA fix whenever i need it.
  • 400 days to 40. another beautiful blog about one’s journey toward a milestone birthday. i’m so gonna do this since i turn 40 in 2 years!
  • linköping with love. i can’t believe i stumbled onto a beautiful blog by an american who lives in a city 30 minutes from me! we gotta meet! and you gotta check out her pics!
  • kill ’em with curls. i love this beautiful blog! kimberly is creative and poetic, and her blog is simple & beautiful.

i highly recommend these girls above and i am so happy to pass of the beautiful blogger award to them! the beauty lies in various things in each of their blogs, and they are each beautiful in their own unique way.

happy reading & happy blogging!

sending you all some saturday peace.

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