Blogmas: A little peek into my everyday life

Who’s ready for a little everyday life update? Each Blogmas post, so far, has actually been centered on one subject connected to this season, so I thought that today I’d switch it up a bit and share a few random bits of life lately over here in my little world. Plus, it’s good to just do something a little different since the same vibe keeps popping up throughout all of my Blogmas posts. I suppose, though, that’s because of the powerful energy + mood that this time of year brings. Darkness, rest, silence, reflection, simplicity, waiting. All very valid themes to write about during these cold, quiet, dark days of the year. Today, however, I thought I’d just do a little life dump and let you know what else is going on in my head + in my life as I make my way through these slow, reflective December days.

First off, guess what Lina and I are doing? We’re self-isolating. Yep. In preparation for our flights to the States next week to celebrate Christmas with my family, and in an effort to do absolutely everything we can to make sure this trip happens, we’ve gone into quarantine. We’re staying home this week and next week to keep ourselves away from people and public spaces. I suppose that some people may think that this is overkill, but I don’t give a flying flip what anyone thinks. I need to see my family. We need to get out of here for 3 weeks and take a little vacation from our everyday life reality.

Plus, with the Omicron variant spreading and cases rising and more restrictions being put in place, we figured it’d be safer to just stay home + stay in so we can get to the freaking airport, get a negative antigen test, and get on that damn plane next week!

So, I feel like I am deep, deep, deep in my own December cave. Writing, meditating, cooking, resting, reflecting. trying to support Lina as she finishes up work during this next week before a much-needed, well-deserved break.

Speaking of work. I have not had formal work since the summer. And, now it’s moving into winter. BUt, to be honest, I’m not that worried. I don’t mean to sound cocky, that’s not how I feel. It’s just that I trust the process. I trust things to unfold. And I refuse to settle for just anything. In fact, I do have some work lined up, but it has to be financed and that is a long, slow process. So, I have been doing some volunteer work with the organization instead. I’ve also had a few interviews, but mostly I seem to be sending my applications and resumé out into the universe without much success. Until now…

A little background perspective from an expat: My Bachelors and Masters degrees are both from the States, and they do not really seem to count for much here in Sweden. I feel that I need to be holding the Swedish equivalent. But, I’m not going back to school to get that – because I have f-ing Bachelors and Masters degrees. The problem is, I think – I feel, is that places look at my degrees and never dig into the heart of my resumé… my 20+ years of experience of working with young people, supporting them in setting goals, finding themselves, dealing with crises, and so much more.

However, I had an interview last week to work as a mentor/coach with young adults who need a second chance in life – and it felt like it went sooooo good. So, fingers crossed! I also have another process that I am in with an organization that works against discrimination. So, good stuff is happening. Things feel promising.

To be honest, I’ve used these past few months to really take an honest look at what I want to do. Sure, I’d love to sit here all day, in my everyday life, and write and create and get paid for it. I’d love to offer classes, retreats, sessions, etc. But, in being totally honest with myself, I am not sure if I want to turn all of this into a business. I don’t want people to pay to access my writing (unless, and when, I write a book!) or be a part of any small group or retreat I offer. I want anyone and everyone to be welcomed in. Without cost. In any case, I’ve come to the conclusion that it feels good to have work that has designated times, where I am not my own boss. But, as always, I want to support and inspire others. These other things that I want to offer and create… well, let’s just see where life takes me.

Let see… what else is going on. Not much in our little self-imposed quarantine. Our everyday life over the next week is not gonna be looking very different from day to day.

Outside our home, though, in the city, there is a super exciting national radio campaign going on. Every year, the week before Christmas, three program leaders/DJs move into a glass box in a city in Sweden and broadcast live on TV and on the radio for a week, 24 hours a day. During the week, the entire country sends in money to support the cause for the year. Famous artists and people visit the glass box and perform all throughout the week. This year’s cause is to rid the world of child labor. And, this year, the city is Norrköping – where we live! Of course, it is right near our apartment. We can hear a few things, but sadly not see the glass box from our balcony. In any case, it’s a super amazing week in Sweden every year and we are so excited that they are broadcasting from our city this year!

Alright. I suppose that is all that I have to share right now. You’re all caught up!

I meditated this morning and really took my time with it, so I am writing this a little later in the morning and I need to move on with my day. Ok. Full transparency, it’s lunchtime soon, actually. I think I’ll prepare leftovers from yesterday with a few veggie meatballs. Then, some more work on the computer before settling in for a cozy evening of binging “You” on Netflix.

Wishing you a cozy Tuesday. Hope you enjoyed a little everyday life update from me!

xoxo. liz.

* you may be wondering why I haven’t posted many photos from my everyday life. Well, it’s because I didn’t have anything else new to share than the photos in this post. 😉 You see, even though my Blogmas posts haven’t been about my daily life, all of the photos I have been using all month long are from the same day/day before each post. So, you’re actually seeing my everyday life within each post. Just so you know! 😉

Let me know if you love these kinds of updates, or it you prefer more subject/theme-based posts. Or maybe, you like both and want to see a mix! Comment below so I know what you like!

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