Day 18: The soundtrack to my life // vol. 2017

Music is not everything, but it is pretty freaking important. At least in my life, lovelies. What about in yours? Are you dependent upon music to set the mood, give you good vibes, express your emotions, and create feelings of nostalgia + connection? I certainly use tunes to mark and make memories. And, I do it by creating an insane amount of playlists + racking up endless hours of listening to music. At the end of the year, it is always amazing to look back over the past 12 months + see what music affected me, inspired me, and kept me going. Luckily, Spotify creates a playlist just for me every December with stats, trivia, and my own personal soundtrack for the year.

So, let’s dig in + look back on my 2017 in tunes. Without further ado, here’s what I listened to: the soundtrack to my life… volume 2017. Scroll through + then listen to my playlist. You just might discover some new faves!

And, if you have any tips or want to share some of your favorite songs/artists, pleaaaase leave me a comment. I’d love to have to fresh new music in my first playlist for 2018!


Here are a few links to my top five songs of the year, so you can listen to what I’ve listened to!

Everything Changed by Lindsay Lou and the Flatbellys

In the During of a Moment by The Lowest Pair

Heart and Song by Taarka

Get Up by Caitlin Canty

Wandering by Taarka



And here is the whole big 100 song playlist! I hope that you will plug in and get inspired. And, again, if you have any songs or playlists to share, send them my way.

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Alright, lovelies. Let’s get back to our preparations for the holidays. And, for me, that means cleaning + packing + traveling. Though, I must admit, I always enjoy the time that I take to look back over my music from the past year. So much so, that as I take the train down to Lina’s family to celebrate Christmas this weekend, I just may listen to this playlist instead of holiday music!

 xoxo. liz.



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