det blir bättre.

sometimes there are good programs on tv. important ones. ones that can make a difference.

tonight lina and i watched the last episode of  “det blir bättre” (it gets better). for the past 6 weeks this show has featured six people (one per episode) who have shared their stories, their experiences, and their struggles in life so that others might find a little hope. these 6 people have conquered their fears, battled the demons in their pasts, and come to live full, amazing lives… and their purpose on this show was to share with all children, teens, and adults that no matter how bad it gets, we are all strong enough to make it through. we can face our fears, talk about our struggles, and find our ways out of the darkness and into the light. it gets better. det blir bättre.

this past fall, in the USA, there were many suicides due to bullying. it seemed like it was story after story, teen after teen, all giving up hope because they were afraid, isolated, and made to feel that they were worthless and never going to get out of the situations in which they found themselves. so, they gave up. and they took their own lives. every day, all around the world teenagers and children (and adults) face the same dilemma: how to find the strength to hold on one more day when it just doesn’t seem like things will ever change. they will always be teased. they will always be an outsider. they will never find a job. they will never be accepted. they will never feel safe…. so many of us feel these suffocating feelings. perhaps even you feel hopeless some days. i know i do. i have.

but, we don’t have to.

Joel Burns is a city council member from texas who took time during one council/town meeting this fall (after hearing of all the tragedies) to share his story of dealing with being a gay teenager and his own personal thoughts of considering suicide at that time in his life. his speech was put on you tube this fall, and it has gone viral. he has become the unofficial spokesperson for the “it gets better” campaign that went around the world. (you can watch his speech here). well, because of joel burns, some people of sweden were inspired make a tv show called “det blir bättre” to share the message of hope with sweden. awesome, i think.

as i watched and listened tonight, i thought about how important it is for us to be real & honest with each other. if we are not being bullied now, perhaps we have been bullied. or abused. or mistreated. or neglected. or just felt hopeless for whatever reason. i am certain that all of us have felt alone, disappointed, and lost at times in our lives. why don’t we learn something from these 6 swedish people in sweden on tv, and from joel burns, and from countless others (famous or not) who have shared their stories of hope … and begin to share our stories too? let’s talk. let’s be honest. let’s share each others’ pain. because we’re all connected. and we can help each other.

why don’t we just talk and listen?


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  1. Hope many people get comfort in that series! The antihomophobic bullying campain in Irish schools has been launched today. Just mentioned it on the radio there. There’s still just too many young people commiting suicide!

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