Episode 21 // Why it’s totally ok to take a risk 

Happy weekend, out there! It’s podcast day!

Lina and I were discussing what to talk about this week, and we decided that since we’ve been so inspired by the stories of people who have taken big risks + leaps of faith in their lives, that we’d share a little bit about some risks and leaps of faith we’ve taken ourselves.

And, boy do we have some doozies. There’s nothing like shaking up your life + rocking the boat a little, I think.

The thing is, I really do believe that anything is possible. So, I think that rocking the boat + shaking things up is the way to keep staying true to ourselves. I mean, who wants to feel stuck? To just keep going through the motions?

Now, we have to find a balance between practicality/security and following our heart, of course. But, for me, it’s so much more than just dropping everything, quitting a job or starting something new, and leaving everything behind (though I have done that). Sometimes those dramatic, chaotic changes are exactly what we need, however.

But, age + experience has given me a bit of wisdom… in the end, it’s really more about what kind of life we envision for ourselves. What kind of life we want to live. What our intentions for our life are. That’s what we are to chase.

You see, I actually don’t care how I make my money. And I don’t care if I change how I make my money or not. The deep, real, heart of it all is all about being true to who we are. About believing that anything is possible, and that the things that we feel drawn to and are inspired by, are signs that point toward our purpose. It’s much more of a soul journey… this life of taking risks. Will we risk it all so we can listen to our soul?

So, I am not looking for a job or a career. I want nothing to do with a career, to be honest with you.  But, I do need a job, in order to survive in this western world in which I live (at least I need a job right now, because my soul is not (yet!) calling to live off the grid in a completely different kind of life). However, my number one priority is living life true to myself. And, if I do that, then I will not settle for any job except for one that allows me to do that.

What I am seeking to do is to live authentically by chasing after my Personal Legend, my dharma, the way to live out my truth. I don’t really care how, or what, that looks like. I just want to live it. To feel connected and like every moment of my life has meaning. Making that my priority means that everything else will fall into place.

And that’s where we all have to do some deep meditating, to listen to our spirit, discover our gifts and desires and passions… so we know what we are chasing + what kind of life we want to live. That is the first step.

You guys, it ain’t about what we do or how we do it. It is about who we are and how we live life. 

Ok, it’s podcast time. I’ve shared with you my philosophy behind my belief in risk-taking. Take a little time now to listen to my story of how I came to believe this – and live like this  – in today’s podcast. And hear, also, Lina’s amazing ability to set a crazy goal + then work her ass off to reach it. Both of us taking risks, leaping into the unknown, so we can create the lives that we want.

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So, my friends, what kind of life do you dream about? How do you want to live? What do you envision for your life?

xoxo. liz.

2 thoughts on “Episode 21 // Why it’s totally ok to take a risk 

  1. What an inspiring podcast! I can connect to both your ways of thinking so much. I am at a crossroads where I’m trying to decide whether to change course and follow my passion. There would be some huge difficulties in doing that, so I’m just moving along on my current path until I decide the best way to go.

    It was really nice to hear your stories about the risks you’ve taken in life and the challenges you’ve overcome to succeed. I could almost picture you in a video game going through an obstacle course! 🙂 Thanks so much for creating this wonderful podcast!

    I did get notice of your response about coaching in my email but I have lost that. I did not ever receive a message from you on FB. I did check again but it didn’t come through.:(

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