Equinox Rituals: Break Free Under March’s New Moon

As March begins + as we make our way toward the Spring Equinox (or Autumn), I can’t help but believe that the new moon that occurs in the next 24ish hours fits perfectly with the changing of the seasons. And, it just so happens that today’s card is also perfectly aligned with the message of change as well. And that message right now, on this second day of our 12 day journey of rituals, is to break free.

For me, this message could not come at a better moment. Having coming off of a very intense week of having old feelings, thoughts, and ghosts arise, I am certain that breaking free, breaking loose, and running like a horse across a field with wild abandon, is just the inspiration that I need to let go, release, and burst into this new season of the year + in my life.

As I mentioned, there is potent new moon energy around us over the next couple of days. That makes this the best time of the month to set intentions, dream big, and create a vision for our lives. You know, many new moons pass by from month to month and I don’t set an intention. I try to sink into the feeling + energy of the moon, but I have no specific intention to set. It’s made me feel a bit lost, to be honest.

But, there’s something about the feeling that March brings to me that inspires me during this new moon. March is all about beginnings. It is literally a month of accepting the changes that come with the transition from winter to spring and summer to autumn. So, the medicine of rebirth, newness, and initiation is front + center. All of this guides me to feeling some magical possibilities under this new moon.

And, right now, that possibility is to break free.

It’s time, perhaps, for us to let go of the past. To release all of the old shit. To begin a new cycle. To allow not only the moon to be reborn, and to not only nature be reborn with the coming of spring, but to allow allow ourselves to be reborn as well. Perhaps this is the time to run with wild abandon like the freedom horse in the card for today.

We are not called to be ordinary people, but to let our own wild, beautiful souls be free. To learn to live life on our own terms. Oh, sure, we can’t always choose the circumstances in which we find ourselves. And sometimes those circumstances are totally shitty. But, what we can choose is how to respond + what meaning we give to those situations.

I had no choice in what happened in the United Methodist Church last week. The fact that they chose to follow a much more traditional, conservative way left me (and so many others) reeling with pain + disappointment. That it happened was out of my control. But, what I now do with my response to those unjust, unloving, discriminatory decisions is up to me.

Maybe this is the time, no matter where we are or what we are experiencing, that we are inspired to choose meanings for our life that empower us. That liberate us + set us free.

So, for me, under this new moon which is perfect for casting a new vision + setting a new intention… just as the seasons begin to change + life is beginning to slowly awaken after a long, dark winter…. and with the freedom horse card as my inspiration… maybe it’s time for me to break free from all of that old shit. Maybe it’s finally time to let all of that pain + disappointment go. Maybe it’s time for me to stop holding on. So that I can move forward.

Whatever is happening, whatever comes next, maybe this is the moment to let go, to dance, to sing, to embrace ourselves, to refuse to give in, to commit to embracing everything that makes us unique, to forget trying to make others happy or live up to expectations that we think we must… and, instead, to break free. Because there is a whole new path being laid out for us. A path that, should we choose to walk it, is meant just for us. Our own sacred, wild destiny.

So what are you dreaming of? What do you need to release? Is there something that you can or must leave behind? Let it all go. Breathe deep + let go. And, then, just run, dance, laugh, and be your absolute most authentic self. Feel what it’s like to finally be free. A whole new way of living is just around the corner.

New moon blessings, wild souls. xoxo. liz.

3 thoughts on “Equinox Rituals: Break Free Under March’s New Moon

  1. We are on the same page here. I’m trying to learn to release my grip on a situation that I can’t control. I have done all I can.

  2. Hi Liz,

    So totally there with you. I have been feeling that in my life this year, a whole new way of living is just around the corner. I’ve been gripped by this belief often in the last few months, a huge releasing is coming and to just keep doing the healing work.

    I’ve been thinking a lot about how different I am since I was in my twenties, and the changes happening each additional decade. And how how I’m still me but totally different in how much I hsve healed and changed and learned to love and accept myself.

    I was very low key and gentle with myself in March. I really needed the extra rest and gentleness. I let myself sleep as much as I needed to and celebrated the changing of the season with a local delivered gluten free pizza. It was scrumptious.

    I think your ideas in this post are incredible. I am going to continue to use this phrase, run with wild abandon. I think this is my next stage. It might not look like it in the outside, but on the inside of me I am ready to embrace that for my inner life.

    Good and healing thoughts to you.


    1. Wow, Kate. It feels like we are on the same page, feeling some of the same energies in our own ways. I wish you continued slow gentleness as yous begin to move into April. Who knows what will be born from within in the new month! xoxo Love to yous.

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