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helloooo friday! they just keep coming faster + faster it seems. i can barely get a handle on it. it blows my mind. and, it has gone quickly even though i have stayed in almost all week long. i don’t know what got into me this week that made me feel like being a hermit. but it’s not like i haven’t been busy… i mean, i searched + applied for jobs, i wrote, i did a lot of spirituality-related stuff, i cooked some, i cleaned, i talked with my parents. but, i just didn’t feel like going anywhere. the only times i left the apartment were to do a short grocery store run and to sit in on an afternoon lecture at uppsala university. still, it was a really good week. i felt slow and calm. so, i have no regrets. i suppose i just felt unsocial this week. i needed to be introverted.

today, i thought i’d end my kinda of solitary week (minus being with my amazing little family) by sharing four of my favorite things this friday. not a series that i’m going to start to do on fridays or anything, but it just popped into my head. i haven’t made the list yet, i’m gonna wing it and see what i end up with. i am thinking that these four favorite things might be tips or moments or ideas or whatever. so, here we go. let’s see what i come up with as i think back on this week.

1. favorite new idea | a minimalist wardrobe. that’s right. i’ve decided to minimize my wardrobe. what that means is that i will go through everything i brought to sweden with me and get rid of everything that i don’t wear. i will only keep certain basic things, and i will create a palate from which to work as i assemble new items. the palate will be filled with white, gray, and black. denim and a few splashes of earthy colors for accessories + such. this is a way more girlie than i usually am, but it feels amazing. it feels like giving my wardrobe an upgrade + organizing it all at the same time. i’ll keep you posted! in the meantime, you can follow my “minimalist” board on pinterest –> here!


2. favorite quote | being. consciousness. bliss. | i used this sanskrit mantra everyday this week. just saying it evokes a sense of peace + calm. try it!


3. favorite scary moment | attending a lecture on theology at uppsala university. the whole thing was in academic swedish and it blew my mind: the language + the content. when i realized that it was a small class, i begged and begged the universe to not let the professor call on me. he didn’t. so, i survived. the whole thing was freaking amazing.


4. favorite surprise | internet on my computer. by now, most of you know that our internet situation has been shaky since moving to uppsala. and that’s putting it nicely. hehe. well, for some reason, this week my computer has connected to {one of the two} wireless internet gadgets that we have tried. so, that means that all week, i could cozily blog and write and job search from home. yesssss.

desk-home-sweden-computerbut, enough about home now, it’s time i haul my ass up out of this chair and get headed downtown. there is a book sale going on all over town  – an annual nationwide week-long book sale, people! so, you know i gotta get myself to a bookstore. and fast! i think i’ll also grab a coffee out at a café as well for a little solo fika before meeting up with my love to start our weekend. she sent me a photo of a wristband to get into a beer festival here in town – something that she just got while she was at work. i don’t know what that means. are we going to a beer festival?! is she going with her work?! and i just happened to tell her about it yesterday. i am dying to know more!

so, yes… it’s time for the weekend! and i believe, no matter what happens, it’s gonna be a busy one – but busy in the best of ways!  wishing you a lovely, fun-filled, relaxing weekend, friends!

onwards + upwards! xoxo

2 thoughts on “four favorites friday

  1. I’m with you on the wardrobe minimalism love, though I haven’t started replacing anything yet, just love the concept! I follow am awesome blog called, The Private Life Of a Girl. Sophie, the author, has been blogging bits about her minimalist wardrobe series – check it out! (you might just love her whole minimalism positive lovely blog too!!)

    1. I totally stalked your bloglovin’ profile a month or so ago and found TPLoaG! So, I’m already hooked up with her and following her inspiring posts. 🙂 I have just started thinking about it, so we will see how the follow through goes!

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