höstens mörker.

for those of us in europe, the time changed last weekend. for those of you in the states, it changed last night. that means that it is the time of year when it becomes dark early in the afternoon/evening and the sun rises late in the morning. for me , up here in sweden, the sun is setting about 4:00 officially. but it begins getting dark during the 3:00 hour. it will get dark even earlier as we move through november & into december. on the one hand, it can be depressing to have so much darkness around. but, on the other hand, i find it quiet cozy.

this past week, it has also been very cloudy, chilly, & misty every day making the darkness even more dreary. still, i find something mysterious and comforting about the dreary november darkness. perhaps it’s because it is the real chance to begin to retreat back into our homes. and spending these november nights at home, when i have a chance, leave me feeling calm, safe, and cozy. in my home we are big time into candles. with the darkness outside, comes the soft, glowing light of candles inside. but, it’s not just in my home. candles and warm lights glow from windows of cafes, other homes, even stores. everywhere i look the city is decorated, inside and outside,with the earthy, warm colors of gold, red, orange, & brown. our blankets are back out & being used every night. and new snuggly, slippers have been bought.

perhaps since it’s just my second november in sweden, but i really don’t mind the darkness. it is the perfect backdrop for warm candles to be lit, the prefect reason to drink even more coffee, tea, or wine. the perfect chance to walk in the chilly darkness to a nearby pub filled with music & candles. the perfect excuse to stay home & watch movies under a blanket. and the perfect setting for cozy lights to be lit throughout our home.

yes, it is dark. but, as we move further into the season of autumn, i find comfort & peace in the coziness of being home. in the middle of the darkness, all that i need is one candle burning to spread warmth & light.

chilly, misty, cloudy weather outside. inside, we’ve begun preparing for thanksgiving. i freaking love that holiday.

it’s the season for cozy lights on the bed.

a little fall color from my sunday morning walk.

my snuggly slippers that i got in ireland last weekend. i’m wearing them now & my feet are thanking me.

most of the time all of us in our little apartment are calm & cozy during these fall days. sometimes, though, little zola decides to go a tad bit crazy. look where she ended up during her last playtime.

my amazing lina & me. at a cozy afternoon/evening birthday fika (party).

i hope you have had a relaxing weekend. peace & love.

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