how to have an awesome 5 day weekend.

you knew it was comin’…. all the pics from the weekend! and oh my gosh, what a weekend it has been!! FUN FUN FUN!!! (to quote lyrics from a song i “discovered” thanks to j.) here’s one way to have an awesome 5 day weekend: get some friends together. go to some beautiful place in the beautiful weather. relax. then move to another beautiful place in the beautiful weather. and relax. repeat this over and over for 4 more days. insert lots of laughter and there you’ve got it. our weekend! see for yourself…

it was an amazing weekend with family & friends! can’t wait till next time…. when we meet in dublin!

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  1. Great photos! I especially like the ones with the jeans and your friend trig to grab them! It looks like you all had a lovely time together!

    1. Hey Ginger! Thanks for the comments & likes! I seriously need to catch up on my blog reading now… hehe. Yes, we had a fantastic time after not seeing each other for almost 3 years! (And, just so you know, the “friend” on the top is my wife! Silly & fun! I’m a lucky girl!)

  2. I looove your pics. Oh I had such a fantastic, amazing time. Fun, fun fun!! To make my birthday even more perfect: I got a call of the agency and I will have my first nursing job tomorrow. Happy days! Missing you already and this time it wil definitelyl be less than 3 years until we meet again (or is it see, hehe). KRAM

  3. What a post. Beautiful pics, or people places and a clearly awesome weekend.
    I liked particularly the easy recipe for the weekend. People and place, topped with good weather, always fab!
    Love following your blog!

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