i ♥ april weekends. specifically this one.

i went to bed alone friday night, but when i woke on saturday morning, my love was on one side of me and zola was on the other. the birds were singing and the sun was bursting in through the windows. ahhh.. the weekend had begun. and it felt perfect.

one thing i love about our apartment is that i love every room! and yesterday the kitchen was filled with the warm, golden sunshine. so, we sat together at the kitchen table eating brunch, chatting, and listening to music. everything felt good. i felt completely content, inspired, and filled with joy – like i would burst from happiness.

in the evening we went to a fantastic concert! ok. here’s the story behind the concert (hope i get it right). in the schools here, when you are going into the 4th grade (10 years old), you can audition to be in a music program that will last from 4th-9th grade. you learn all the regular stuff, but have a focus on music as well. so, throughout those years, you really get to know your classmates and teachers, especially because you do so many concerts and performances together. lina was in the music class when she was in 4-9 grades, and it was such an important and fun time for her. i’ve heard many stories, and last night i had a chance to see the current music classes in concert! but, last night was very special… it was the 50th anniversary of norrköping’s music classes! it was so much fun to see such talented kids sing and also to see some previous music class students return to perform as well. and let me tell you, these kids who go through the music classes are amazing! the level of talent blew me away!

after the concert, as we were walking to the car, this is what i saw. another amazing swedish sunset. there are no words to describe the beauty…

i’ve been blessed to receive a few things from lina’s grandparents, well her granddad in particular, this weekend. he’s a retired methodist minister and today i got an amazing passover plate from his apartment. i guess that seems like a weird thing to have for some, but to me, it is amazing! when i worked in the church in canton, nc (usa), my favorite week was holy week. the days between palm sunday and easter sunday were insanely busy, but so moving and touching. i loved working in a church that week! one of my favorite things was our maundy thursday service. usually i planned a service with the youth of the church where we invited the members of the church and the community to come and relive the last night of jesus’ life in creative, mellow, silent ways that used all of your senses. maundy thursday is the night of the passover. the night of the last supper of jesus, and he was celebrating passover with his disciples during his last supper. according to jewish custom, they had certain things to eat and certain scripture passages to read to help them remember their story of liberation and freedom. this was their big celebration. (ironic that jesus was celebrating liberation and freedom just moments before he was arrested and killed… but that eventually led to true & complete liberation and freedom for all of humanity. ok. another theological post for another time. hehe)

the plate that i received today has places on it for the different items of food needed for the passover celebration. and it’s written in hebrew. it is a symbol of an amazing and powerful night in the life of jesus, which in turn, has become a powerful and amazing night for us – if we let it be. this plate, which lina’s grandfather got on a trip to israel, is so beautiful! and now, i have the honor of hanging it on my wall. perhaps one day i can take it down and use it again in a church. perhaps… i’m so touched and so overwhelmed.

it’s been a heart-bursting weekend filled with the beauty of spring, the inspiration of music,  the simplicity and joy of sharing life with my love, the amazing-ness of nature, and the wonder of the mystery of faith throughout the ages. i have felt like i have been soaring, and i’m not ready to come down. but, a new week awaits. it’s another week closer to a reunion with my parents (whom i miss so much…) and another week of new adventures, new opportunities, and (of course) new swedish words!

hope your weekend has been beautiful. sending you peace and love.

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  1. How nice that Sven found such a good home for one of his cherished possessions! It sounds like you were the perfect recipient.

  2. I, too, hope that you will have the opportunity to use that beautiful plate in church one day. What a gift.

  3. I always love your posts. You are great. And that passover plate is really special, and to get it from an amazing and inspiring man like Sven must have been wonderful. 🙂 I miss Sven och Gudrun.

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