Inauguration Day 2017 // a.k.a. Resistance Day

I’ve been at a loss as to what to say. Or how to say it. What I want to express, or even if I understand what I want to express. And, if I could ever figure out what I wanted to say about how I feel and what is happening today, how should I say it?

I’ve scribbled down notes and thoughts, feelings and actions, over and over. Nothing really making sense. There’s too much to say + nothing to say at all. I haven’t even known how to face this day… with sorrow and disappointment and fear. Or with resistance and action. I haven’t been able to decide. I need to express it all. And because it is so much to express, I just keep going in circles. Starting this post a million times this past week.

And then, in the magical + powerful way that the universe works, it all came together. On this inauguration morning.

All of that wondering and preparing and scribbling and gathering my thoughts has led me to this. This post on my reflections on the heaviness + power of this day.

Let’s start here, with my feelings.

I feel frightened. Sickened. Disappointed. Ashamed. And disgusted.

I also feel empowered. Proud. Determined. Inspired. And resilient.

Today feels surreal. I cannot wrap my mind around what will be happening. And I cannot control it. And frankly, I am freaking out a bit. But, I made my voice heard. I cast my vote. I expressed myself. However, just because today is what it is – and just because what’s happening is what’s happening – does not mean that it is time for me to tuck my tail between my legs or stick my head in the sand and wait it out for the next four years, simply freaking out + hoping for the best.

Nope. Now is the time for even more action. 

Photo taken 2 years ago when I was standing in this amazing place. Feeling the vibes of resistance, protest, and justice.

If you know me, then you know that I am big believer in making a difference right where we are. In whatever ways we can. Using our unique and individual gifts + personalities. The heart of a grassroots movement begins in one’s own heart. And then spills out into one’s own life. In the community in which we live. It begins from the ground up. From the inside out.

And therefore, all of us are empowered with our own special bad ass shit that can make a difference in the world… because to make a difference in the world all we have to do is make a difference in our own lives, whenever we are. It really is the little things that, when brought together, are the biggest, most effective agents of change.

What I am saying is that every little fucking thing we do matters. Every-single-thing.

With that in mind, I have decided on my muse for today. Perhaps even for the next four years. This muse will be my inspiration. Her words will be my mantra. My reminder that there is always hope. That we can always  – every single one of us! – make a difference. That this world is meant to be a better place than it is right now, and that I have a mission + a purpose to do what I can to create justice, equality, and love in as many places as I can. And so do you.

No way is this the time to run + hide. Instead, it’s time to use our hearts, minds, pens, papers, voices, feet, hands, and all of our souls as weapons against greed, injustice, war, violence, poverty, inequality, and division.

So, who is my muse, you wonder, and what has she said? 

Exactly 6 months ago to the day, on July 20th 2016, my love and I were in New York City – and we were at a free Patti Smith concert at Lincoln Center. It was indescribably amazing. (You can read more about it –> here).

Patti Smith has long been an inspiration to me in so many ways. She is a bad ass, revolutionary, theological, poetic artist… just to describe her in a few words. And at 70 she’s still rocking hard, pushing the envelope, living on the edge, being true to herself, speaking her truth, resisting all things that divide, and creating art in everything she does – as she always has.

Seeing her live was a dream of mine… and I remember bawling my eyes out at the power + inspiration that swelled in my soul as she spoke and sang and yelled at the crowd… “Power to the people!”.

But, her closing words, those are the ones that I draw to me on this day – six months later. On this day when we need a muse, when we need someone to remind us what to do + how to deal with what is going on. So, choose whoever you wish, but I want to share with you why Patti Smith is my muse and what she has to say… that sums up everything that I need to help me remain focused, vigilant, and inspired.

“People, you are the future. And the future is now! People, be strong! be vigilant! Don’t take any bullshit! Be good. Love one another… mother fuckers!” 

– Patti Smith, 20 July 2016, NYC

But, to truly feel the power, you have to hear her…

My dear friends all over the world, there is much work to be done. But, I believe in us. I believe in the one, collective, true heart of humanity. I really, deeply do.

And, if you still don’t know what to do today… then begin here.

// Listen to Patti Smith in the video above over + over again.

// And then… choose one of these ways to spend your day…

Meet up with someone

Read an inspiring book


Create something

Take a walk + observe the goodness in the world

Spend time in nature

Donate something (time, money, clothes, etc.)


Look up at the stars

Study + learn something


Call or write a politician

Leave me a comment with your thoughts, fears, ways to move forward…

All love + light to each of you. We can do this. We will do this. The future is ours. The future is now. And we are the people – and the people will gather + raise our voices + love one another!

xoxo. liz.

4 thoughts on “Inauguration Day 2017 // a.k.a. Resistance Day

    1. It was sooooo amazing to see your pics from the march. It must have just been mind-blowingly, emotionally indescribable. Power to the people! xx

  1. I agree. Thanks so much for your words. I’m meeting up with my sis and we are going to party with our nieces. My words for today and all year is, be fierce.

    Good and healing thoughts to you and to us all.


    1. That is so great, Kate. What a fantastic way to spend the day! I hope it was fun + beautiful. Love to yous. xo

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