it doesn’t get any better.


well, the whole family (15 of us!) has now gathered down here on the coast of NC… and the craziness, laughter, food, (& drinks) and fun have begun!! we’re moving over to our “beach house” tonight where we’ll be for a week, so there will be some serious vacationing going on. you know, i do believe that this is my most favorite time of year!! we’ve been doing this crazy, amazing week-long summer reunion for 27 years now! seriously!!!! and it just keeps getting better & better. i’m feeling a little bit like the luckiest girl in the world right now. does it even get any better than this?!

so, have a great weekend, everyone! and to all you americans, be safe & Happy 4th!!!!


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  1. Liz your week in a ‘beach house’ (sounds so american i love it) sounds amazing. It’s so great you have so many family together and doing this each year. Enjoy!!

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