late at night.

on wednesdays it feels like i work forever. and when i finally get home, i can’t help but turn on my computer & click on all my favorite sites… catch up with friends & family, reply to emails, play on twitter, and read blogs. even though i’m so freaking tired, it’s impossible to resist the temptation to catch up on everything. it’s how i stay connected. wow, that sounds so 21st century. so, i’ve made my rounds over the internet tonight, and it’s time now to snuggle down under my covers and just be for a few moments… soaking in the soft glow of the christmas stars hanging in my bedroom windows. time to send out some good thoughts to those i know & love. time to reflect for a moment on all that i have seen, heard, & experienced today. time to breathe deep and hold hands with the one i love. time to rest.

it’s late. and i wish you peace.

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  1. I feel like i’m right there with you girls…oohhh no… that’s a bit creepy.
    anyway you get my point 🙂

    Bonne Nuit a vous deux 🙂 xx

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