market day.

this is our neighborhood square. our grocery store is here. our post office is here. a little convience store is here. a pharmecy is here. some chinese food restaurants are here. and there is a new pub that has opened up here as well (which we’ve gotta try out soon). i love this little square. it’s got all our basic needs & it’s cozy. in the winter there is a giant christmas tree all lit up… and the trees along the street have lights on them too. in the spring & summer, the fountain is full of water and on windy days, walking anywhere near it will get you wet. i walked through this square early every weekday morning from december to june on my way to my swedish classes. as i turned the corner from our street and looked up at the square, i always looked at the clock to see how late i was. hehe. i’ve been meaning to take a picture of the square on a wednesday since sometime in april… why, you wonder? because wednesday is market day. local (immigrants mostly) set up their tents and tables to sell fruit, vegetables, and other things. every wednesday i passed through the market and realized that once again i had forgotten my camera. but, yesterday was the day! i had my camera, my iPhone, and i just happened to walk through the market just before they started closing things up. so, i snapped this shot.

i love living in a city where there is a market around the corner from my apartment. i love this little market. just thought i’d share it with you.


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  1. It’s very pretty… one of the things I love about living in New England is all the small town center squares. I still live in a city, but my goal is to live near a quaint town square where I can carry my groceries home.

    Very pretty.

    1. Thanks Girly! But this sonly one of many, many squares in the city. It just happens to be the one right near my apartment making things so o convenient!

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