Midsummer Rituals: Stepping into our Priestess power

Well, here we are. It’s the last post in my Midsummer Rituals series and the Priestess card gives us a powerful ending, which is also an incredible new beginning. I suppose it’s fitting that I am week late with this post. I intended to post it last Monday, but that didn’t happen. However, today is the 1st of July – a new month, a new week, and we’re halfway through 2019. So it’s seems like it is actually the perfect day for this post to make its way out into the world.


Now that my Midsummer Rituals series is over and now that the solstice energy has come + gone, it is time to move forward and step in a whole new phase + a whole new role. The question is… are we ready to embrace + embody our inner Priestess? Are we ready to step up + lead? Are we ready to mature + embody all that we have been growing since last winter?

And that’s what this Priestess card speaks to me right now. It speaks of leadership, maturity, and wisdom. Some of us may be called to specifically embody the priestess role more than others right now. But, we all have the feminine energy of her running through us. And we are all leaders in our own ways.

crystal selenite priestess

The priestess… she is a symbol of intuition, leadership, and service. An archetype that teaches us of the importance of dedicating our life to sharing our own message with the world. This doesn’t meant that we all must lead a group or community of people in some spiritual way, like some holy person. So, don’t freak out about this, if holy, set apart, spiritual things turn you off. There is no pressure to connect the Priestess card with religion at all, if that makes you angry or irritates you or just isn’t your thing. What the Priestess teaches us, especially after the abundance of the solstice, is to share our own unique message… thus becoming leaders in our own unique ways, based on who we are.

In the summer, the energy is that of growth, maturing, blossoming, and abundance. This is the energy that ordains each of us to tap into our inner priestess. We are each professional leaders in at least one thing: being ourselves. So, if you doubt your leadership skills, or any calling for you to step up + lead in any way, take heart, wild soul. Only you know how to do you. Only you know how to be you. And that is exactly what the world needs.

The priestess does not envision a world where we all are holy people sharing divine messages of deep wisdom. Instead, the call is to simply let our lives be our message. No special anything needed. Who we already are, what we already do… this is how we live as a leader. There is no special required education, level of wisdom, magical guru-ship, or anything else required. What is important is that we are true to who we are. That we live from our soul. That we simply embody who we are + live our truth. There is no better way to be a leader, a teacher, and soul dedicated to a message of truth + love.


That’s our calling for the end of this Midsummer Rituals series. To step into our own souls. And to live in our own truth. Letting our life simply be the message that we have to share with the world. Whatever that may be.

So, let’s get out there. Let’s start this new month, this second half of 2019, ready to just live life. One day at a time. Fully embracing who we are… trusting where we are, what is all around us, what we’re experiencing is all right in tune with what our soul needs in order to help us share exactly the universe needs from us at a time such as this.

me priestess coffee woods

The priestess energy is ours for the taking. Inspiring us + giving us the wisdom + confidence to step into our souls, to let them rise + shine + mature… and as we do, we will become and embody even more who we are meant to be. Always evolving, always sharing, always leading.

Thank you so much for following along with this series throughout June. I hope that something connected with you along the way. The next big series will come in the Autumn… as we descend down into our souls, ready to release all that we have harvested this year. xoxo.liz.

oracle midsummer priestess

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