Midwinter Rituals: The Great Gathering

It’s all coming together. I just spent this Sunday morning pulling cards for the first quarter phase of the moon and journaling my thoughts + reflections. And it was indescribably powerful. Like, I am not even going to try to express it in words here. Just know that my whole morning at the kitchen table was magical. It was as if my soul was releasing all that I have been gathering for many, many years. For real. It was that powerful.

I made coffee, lit candles, and sat down in the silence of the morning for a little spiritual practice time. It was pitch black dark out. Soooo cozy. As the minutes passed, the sky went from black to midnight blue to deep blue to dark gray. The light of the day returned for it’s 4-5 hour appearance before retreating again in the early afternoon. But, just as the light was slowly overtaking the dark, the light of my soul was was also burning + glowing.

I wrote down my thoughts + the dreams I’ve had about water for the past 3 nights. I turned the cards. I wrote. I cried. And I just knew that I knew what I knew.

And today’s card could not be more timely for me. It’s all about intuition. About knowing what we know. About letting intuition be the guide to move us toward the deepest callings of souls. It’s all lining up, this next phase. And it is a call to begin to gather, or that the gathering is already occurring. All that has happened this past year has been exactly how it was meant to be. All of the tough times, all of the bliss. Now is the time to focus on gathering it all together, on realizing the messages + meanings + magic of it all as we begin to look ahead.

Do you remember that the first card of this Midwinter Rituals series was Soul Tribe? It was a card that, honestly, felt like a disappointment. I didn’t want to begin this series focusing on who my tribe is… because, I’ve felt like I haven’t really had a tribe lately. However, I embraced the card + just let it be. And, as the days + cards have passed, I understand more + more what a soul tribe is.

It doesn’t start with me going out trying to make friends with like-minded people. It starts with me. My tribe is me. And when I am fully embodying as much of me as possible in the current phase of my life, then my tribe comes to me. 

It’s that “simple” phenomenon that when we shine our light, live our most authentic life, and send out positive energy, then, what we put out there comes back to us. When we are embodying our true selves, then we are living simply as we are meant to be. And, naturally, we will find more + more of what feeds + fuels + inspires our soul all around us. 

The thing is, today’s card is challenging us to call in our tribe, not by going out looking for others, but by sharing our soul. By stepping up + embodying our truth. By living as we are called to live + becoming who we are meant to become. And, by embodying our calling, we are, in turn, calling in our soul tribe. Those people who are also seeking + searching for us as well. 

And, this, is the highest calling that we can receive. To embody who we really are for a purpose even greater than ourselves. For, when we live in the flow of our truth, then we live in depths + heights of allowing ourselves to be used to raise consciousness, create positivity, and make a difference in the world. 

The timing of all of these messages is just unreal. In my life, I have felt a very deep shift occurring. Taking me from a very inward, deep, soul-discovering year of gathering my wisdom through living with the magic of the seasons… to an outward year of actively embodying all that I have learned + gathered. 

I have grounded + rooted myself in ancient ways of earth-based spirituality. And that grounding + rooting is ready to be born + incarnated into my life. There has been no clear understanding how I would do that, or toward what I am moving, just a very deep knowing that is the shift that I am making. And that it is happening in conjunction with the new year. 

In these deep, dark winter days in the northern hemisphere, my soul has been gathering everything that I have experienced, learned, and tapped into. And, right now, in these deep, dark winter days in the northern hemisphere, much is being revealed to me. A light is shining in the dark. There is a glimmer + a shimmer of something. 

This is exactly what I expect from the dark – a big ball of possibility just waiting to be born, to be embodied. And, I do believe that my soul, in gathering all that I have experienced in the past year, is now calling me to embody + call in my tribe (by simply being me)-

The thing is, the messages right now, are so very clear. The opportunities. The callings. The way forward. The possibilities. I am receiving them all. Gathering them into my soul. And preparing to embody it all. I’m not quite ready to share the possibilities + ideas that are presenting themselves right now, as I feel that this needs to continue to be a slow, intentional process. It is still the dark of winter, still time to hold it all close, still time to focus on the inward, hidden magic of the season. When the light returns, then I will begin to let my thoughts + plans + ideas unfold as they will. It’s not that I am keeping things secret, it’s that I am following the pattern of nature. And I am certain that all of the revelations will be revealed in just the right time – both to my own soul + from my soul to yours.

Questions to ponder:

Do you feel it all coming together? It is the end of the year, so the lessons of 2018 are being wrapped up. What do you feel? What do you hear?

How is your soul calling you to be seen + heard right now? In 2019?

Remember, all that we are seeking + searching for is waiting for us. All that we are seeking + searching for is also seeking + searching for us. Just be you. Do you. And it will all flow. The great gathering of our souls is occurring right now, during this season. It’s all coming together – personally + globally.

xoxo. liz.

3 thoughts on “Midwinter Rituals: The Great Gathering

  1. It’s been interesting to read along and “observe” your journey this year with earth spirituality. As someone, who has a history with that, it’s kind of like building up anticipation to see if you head in the direction I’ve been “seeing.” It’s been interesting!

    I know you probably weren’t expecting readers to answer the questions here that you gave for us to ponder on, but I wanted to say that I’m not really even sure what I’m feeling at this time. I think the main thing I’m doing is enjoying a huge weight off my shoulders now that the semester is over. I really did not want to continue until the end of it. I felt burnt out with it and it was adding to my depression, but at the same time I hate to put in so much time and effort with something and not finish it. I don’t know if I’ll be returning next semester or at all, so I’m full of anticipation of where I’m heading next, I guess. It’s nice to feel a sense of freedom for the time being anyway. 🙂

    1. Oh, I’d love to hear about your experiences with earth spirituality!

      And I am sooooo happy you answered the questions. That’s amazing! I am really really excited for you that you were able to get through this semester. I can imagine it feels much more freeing to you. The best you can do is stay in the moment of having a break and seeing how you feel as the next semester rapidly approaches. But, no hurry. It will all unfold. In the meantime, I so hope you enjoy your freedom in the coming days. xo

  2. I need to develop better stress coping techniques. I know the power of meditation, but find it hard to discipline myself to do it regularly. I know from the past that consistency is really key to reaping the benefits of it. You would think that would be motivation enough right there! I just feel stuck in a place where I’m kind of paralyzed by what I’m feeling. Does that make sense? I have trouble journaling which is totally unusual for me. I’m sure I’ll get past it eventually. One day at a time for now. I’d be happy to tell you more about my experiences with earth spirituality but that might be better for email. I’ll just say that my interest in it began as a very young child and I wasn’t brought up that way at all.

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