my (american christmas movie marathon) day off.

there is only one thing on my mind today… cheesy, american christmas movies sent to me from my dad in the states! these are the movies i remember watching with my family growing up. and it is just not christmas for this little american girl living in sweden without watching them. so, today, i’m hanging out in the corner of my sofa, under a blanket, with the sounds and sights of sweet, hopeful, cheesy christmas movies all around me (complete with real american commercials from about 10 years ago – my dad recorded these movies from tv then. hehe.). gonna be a cozy, cozy day. the almost perfect day off. just wish my love was home with me. but, i’ll make it a cozy, christmas-y evening with her tonight. just need to see some snow falling outside. but, it’s coming. one day soon, i hope!

pics from the 1986 movie, “the christmas gift” with john denver. a small colorado town, christmas legends, letters to santa, snow, music, a christmas pageant, nature, sledding, unexpected miracles… so american. so cheesy & so perfectly indulging. love it!

happy tuesday! peace.

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  1. Oh I’m so jealous. Definitely have to organise that for myself!! Well I guess first I need someone to send me the “Swiss” Christmas movies.

    1. Nicole: Hehe! Get some soon and then snuggle down with a glass of wine & and blanket. It’s a wonderful way to spend an afternoon! Miss you. KRAM!

  2. Hope you are ready for christmas, now you have seen your Christmasmovies. Wish you and Lina the most fantastic christmas.
    By the way, fantastic to read baout your sunday service!

    Knus Charlotte

    1. Charlotte: I am getting there… feeling the Christmas spirit a little more every day! Can’t wait! We wish you & Signe a wonderful Christmas too!!! Lots of love & hugs!

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