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  1. I LOVE the positive visual of “traveling with a suitcase full of outrageous blessings.” As a flight attendant, I don’t think I’ll ever view the baggage I tote the same. Thanks for that!

    I seek out, am attracted to, and delight in optimistic people and scenarios. Life is too darn precious to pay much heed to the negative — as popular as it may be! 😉 Thanks for posing such an intriguing question!! May your journey be everything you desire…

    1. When I saw the quote, I thought it absolutely wonderful! Really glad that it’s something you can take with you. As for the type of people you like to surround you, I am in complete agreement! Life is to be lived! And may your journey be the same. 🙂

  2. We all wage our own wars but we do have to appreciate the things and “blessings” we have. When I look down at me and see five fingers, five toes, and nothing wrong with my body I feel outrageously blessed. I have two healthy legs to walk this long journey called life and I am claiming every single bit of the way!

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