Now is the time to tap into those witchy vibes

If there is any time to be witchy, then it’s now. I mean, there are just under two weeks until Halloween/Samhain. Eeeeek! I’m so excited! So, it’s high time we tap into those moody, magical vibes and let our inner witch loose! Of course, I don’t mean that we have to become full on witches – though, you absolutely can, if you feel called to that. I personally find more + more meaning in witchy, earthy ways as the years pass. But, practicing witch or not, there is so much that we can learn from our spiritual, nature-loving sisters + brothers. And so much magic that we can find in our own lives if we simply open ourselves up to it.

When I speak of witches, of course I speak of magic. But, I mean magic in the sense of sacred, spiritual, serendipitous moments found in everyday life. I am not so focused on spells, but more on the energy that is infused in all that is around + within us.

The witchy ways of this time of year are not meant to be scary. It is a time that is meant to draw us deeper into ourselves + connect us more with the spirituality that is found in the most ordinary moments of life.

This is also the season of entering the dark. It is the season of the magic of the spiritual realm. A time where we just might be more open to feeling, sensing, and intuiting wisdom. But, again, I mean no dark magic here. I simply mean a sense of the mystery of the spiritual world. There is so much that we do not know, but there is so much to be learned by simply listening to the messages all around us.

Messages that come from Mother Earth. Trees show us that it is natural for us to let go + surrender to the dark season of the year. Birds show us that the seasons are changing + the year is moving onward. Colored leaves remind us that there is beauty in every stage of life. Dark nights become longer with each passing day, bidding us to also begin to slow down our own pace as we come home + turn inward. The night teaches us to trust the mysteries + things we cannot see. The slow dying of all of nature, shows us that endings are also beginnings. Now, is the time to harvest what has grown this year + plant a few seeds for the coming year.

But, let’s not forget the messages of our own souls. The season of the witch allows us to create the space that we need in order to listen to our souls.In the dark, as we slow down + listen in the silence, we begin to feel + hear. And, in listening, we may find deep truths that inspire us, comfort us, challenge us, and call us forward. By simply lighting a candle or taking a few breaths, we tap into the magic of our own voice + may even hear/feel the voices of the past.

And by honoring + remembering the lives of our ancestors + loved ones during these next few weeks, we also tap into a line of ancient ways. We remember who we are + from where we have come… so that we can create our own way forward, inspired by those who have gone before.

During this time of year, I like to believe in magic a little bit more. And I find it easier to tap into the witchy practice of creating simple rituals to bring that magic into my everyday life.

Rituals, such as, lighting candles. As the darkness creeps in, I crave the warmth + light of candles. So, instead of electrical lights, I focus on using more candlelight than usual. Early in the mornings I choose only candlelight as I move throughout my morning (except for when I am getting ready in the bathroom). I do all of this simply because it creates a mood. And in a candlelit atmosphere everything feels more magical, possible, warm, and cozy. I am more open to receiving whatever inspiration comes my way + I literally create a space of calm groundedness.

I also continue to wander in my yard + around my neighborhood during October. Simple, short walks or moments to breath fresh air, look at the sky, feel the ground, observe the changing seasons or phases of the moon, and soak up the peace that the earth gives. I do not cast circles, but I do remove my shoes at times to connect with the earth’s energy or lay dried flowers on the ground as a ceremonial way to honor energy, people, or moments.

And, back inside, I admit that I am no kitchen witch or cook, but on the weekends + on the occasional weeknight I find inspiration in creating an autumn-inspired meal. I call in those witchy vibes as I mindfully prepare warm, comfort food to nourish our bodies. Casting no spells, nor creating potions, but mindfully creating something as a way to honor the energy of the season. I don’t have a cauldron, but I do sometimes concoct warm drinks by simmering autumnal ingredients in a pot, as elixirs to bring calm + warmth to our mornings or evenings. Saying a prayer of gratitude as I prepare food + drink.

The thing about the witchy vibes of this time of year is that it is up to each of us to discover just what brings magic to our own lives. None of my rituals are complicated or special. But, they are magical + meaningful to me. The thing is, tapping into these witchy vibes is simply a way for me to align myself with this season of coming home, turning inward, and settling into the darkness. More than anything, it is an opportunity to become even more spiritually connected to all that is happening around + within me. From nature to my home to my own soul.

This is a season + a time to believe in magic. To trust a little bit more in all that is unseen. To embrace the mysteries of life + death + nature. To recognize the sacredness that is already infused in everyday life. At home, at work, in nature, in our souls.

Tap into your own inner witchy ways by creating a slow, inward, magical mood in your own life. Look to the earth, embrace the darkness, slow down + light candles, meditate to listen to your soul, create hearty + warm foods to nourish your family, Do whatever makes sense to you. Just be open. Listen to the dark. Allow yourself to feel that anything is possible. Practice the craft of believing that magic is possible, that there is energy + spirit all around, and that these darkest times are meant to inspire us to live a more grounded, just, connected, and spiritual life.

We are deep into the witchy mood of October now – and magic is all around. Take a deep breath, allow yourself to feel, and trust that your soul will guide you as you settle into the dark.

xoxo. liz.

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