Something new is born under November’s dark new moon

November’s dark new moon is the perfect time to plant seeds. To dream dreams. To let the darkest days of the year do their magic. Since the last new moon just before Halloween + Samhain, I have been thrust into that magic in the dark. Looking back, I see that it happened slowly, a few more minutes of darkness every single day since the last new moon about 28 days ago. At the same time it feels so sudden + extreme. It’s as if I can hardly understand how I wound up so deep in my own November cave. What a difference one new moon cycle can make.

With the last new moon, I crossed the mystical portal of Halloween + Samhain and entered November fully prepared to sink deep into my soul. I cast a vision for myself to settle into the darkness, going deeper + deeper into the cave of my soul with each passing day. And, ever so slowly, that is exactly what has happened.

And, I can safely say that I am very, very content where I am right now. I’m not sure I’ve ever felt so calm, peaceful, and in love with the energy of November as much as I do this year. Whether I am to continue to dive even deeper from now until the winter solstice in December, I do not know. All i know is where I am now. Where my soul is right now. And how incredibly restful + inspired I am by simply sitting in the dark with my own thoughts + feelings + meditations.

I suppose it may sound as if all I do is light candles + sit around, and I do do that a lot. Whenever I can. But, the thing is, as November comes to a close, and as I am beginning this new cycle of the seasons in the dark, I am also realizing what I am in the process of releasing. So, yes, I do light candles + sit around + meditate + think + rest… a lot. But, that slow energy, that intentional mindfulness + deep sense of calm, has begun to manifest itself out in the midst of my everyday life.

It’s not just the weekends that allow me the space to create + be. I have been practicing, writing about, and exploring this slow way of life for years. This year, however, I have embodied what I feel in my soul more + more. In other words, I don’t just talk about my way of living. I am living it. More deeply + authentically than ever before.

And that sense of slow, mindful presence… that desire to contemplate + meditate… has made all the difference. No longer am I simply seeking how to become who I am meant to be. Now, there is a stable sense of deep security in who I am + how I live my life.

So, with ending of this month + with November’s new moon on Tuesday, I am releasing a whole, long chapter of my life. In fact, I am closing the book.

Something new is being born under November’s dark new moon.

And I am planting seeds for new possibilities. Not plans. Not ideas. Just seeds of acknowledgment that with this new moon I am beginning a new book. Writing a new chapter. Just in time, as a matter of serendipity, for a the start of a new decade. Feels like perfect timing.

But, that’s exactly what the darkest days of the year bring to us. Inspiration. Possibility. Wisdom. This is what we are meant to be doing this year. Slowing down. Sinking down. Being present. Listening + feeling. Trusting the messages to come in. Letting the past be left in the past. And simply sitting in the moment that is. No regret for what as been. No fear for what is to come. Just a stubborn, stable sense of pure self. A grounded, centered trust that the cave of November, and the dark new moon, are a place of deep magic. And we’re to sit here for just a little bit longer.

Blessed new moon, wild ones.

xoxo. liz.

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