Summer in Brooklyn 2.2

Let’s continue with the second half of our full day in Brooklyn, ok? You can read about the first half –> here. 

We had totally enjoyed a relaxing time by the waterfront, overlooking the Manhattan skyline + decided it was time to get some food. Of course, we had nothing planning and nothing in mind, so we set off to wander the streets of Williamsburg and see what struck out fancy. 

A sign caught our eye, so we walked up to the window to take a peek at the menu. Sandwiches, salads, breakfast foods. Perfect. We walked in and were immediately in love with the clean, white, industrial interior. A few minutes passed, I ordered some sweet tea, and we both decided on a grilled cheese sandwich. Lina’s with salad, mine with fries (of course!). 

When we got our plates, it looked so delicious that I could barely stand it. But it didn’t take long before I realized that I had a ton of fries to eat. Like a massive amount. I doubted whether or not I could finish them all. I totally almost did, by the way. 

In any case, with full bellies and satisfied souls, we headed out to grab an iced coffee, visit a longboard store, and head home before making our way over to Manhattan for the night’s festivities – a free Patti Smith concert in Lincoln Park. 

All along, I was thinking we’d either take the subway, a taxi or an über the whole way from Brooklyn to th concert. Lina came up with another idea. How about we walk across th Williamsburg bridge (a cool thing to do of course) and through the funky, gritty Lower East Side (our fave neighborhood in Manhattan) on our way up to Mid-town, hailing a cab whenever we got tired/ran out of time and needed to get to the concert. 

Folks, it was sunny and like 90 degrees and we’d already been walking around since 8:30 am, so I wasn’t 100% on board with this plan, but I decided… why the hell not?! I mean, carpe fucking diem, right?!

Totally worth it. Totally fabulous. And it totally worked out. We got to the concert at the perfect time, found a spot on a wall, and waited for the amazingness to begin. 

Patti Smith has long been an icon + hero of mine. Take anyone from the Beat Generation to the hippie/70s/80s Greenw Village era and you’ve found a role model for me. Artsy, bad ass, living on the edge, pushing boundaries, seeking peace and love, and living as a rebellious, philosophical, spiritual prophet of the day. This is Patti Smith. 

And at 70 years old, this is still Patti Smith. She rocked out. She pushed the limits. She said what she wanted. She inspired. She sang. She read poetry. She cussed. She was just fuckin true to herself. And I was so moved and inspired that I was moved to tears several times. This was a dream come true for me. An incredible, soul-filling evening of listening to this incredible NYC icon that made me feel like I’d time-traveled and awakened in the midst of the early 70s, as an artist and Villager myself. It. Was. Amazing. 

Afterwards, I was flying high and I practically sailed out of there to meet up with another dear fanatastic Instagram/blogging friend for drinks. Lina and I walked with Laura (who we had met in person during a previous trip to NYC) towards Times Square and ducked into an open bar for some drinks. So we sat and laughed and caught up over a few beers, until the wee hours of the morning. 

Finally, we made our way to the subway and took the L train back to Brooklyn. It was 1am as the train squeaked and shook and wobbled us under the East River, along with plenty of other NYC never-sleepers, spitting us out at the corner now Bedford Avenue. 

We walked the Williamsburg streets in the middle of the night, still filled with people and, with a full moon hanging high above us and the city, symbolizing the magic and mystery that is this inspiring, diverse, urban utopia to me. 

xoxo. liz 

My Brooklyn recommendations:

// Egg (a Williamsburg restaurant)

// Blue Bottle Coffee

// Williamsburg Bridge

// Lower East Side 

6 thoughts on “Summer in Brooklyn 2.2

  1. I love your vaction journals, they’re so beautiful! i love that you just wander around and see what you’ll experience and that you take your time to enjoy the little moments – this is how life should be lived <3 also, Patti Smith is amazing and her music is still revolutionary, and I'm sure the concert was a fantastic experience!

    1. Thank you so much for your comment Sunita! It means so much to me that you enjoy reading about and seeing what I do and were I’ve been. Yes, my wife and I have definitely found our groove and defined for ourselves how we love to travel – totally by our feelings and in the moment. You are so right… it is exactly how we should be living all of life.

      Oh, Patti Smith. She is just indescribable. But, it sounds like you know exactly what I mean when I try to describe her. 🙂

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