Summer in the States: All the things I love the most

It’s Friday + my love joins the on-vacation club today when she gets home from work! And that means that we are in major weekend, summer, and travel preparation mode right now. That’s a lot of goodness, y’all.

Sooooo…. we’re headed to the States this weekend!  First, we’re headed off to NYC for a few days and then down to Asheville, North Carolina – where I’m from. And, to celebrate, I thought that I’d make a little post about my upcoming plans so you can get a sneak peek of some of the things that I love about summer in the States, the things that I will be doing, and the things I am most excited about.

And, just to be extra creative about it, I thought i’d list it all as a bunch of separate lists of three things. Fun, huh? Alrighty, here we go!

3 favorite summer songs

Let’s set the vibe with a bit of summer music. These are some faves that end up on my summer playlist every year. They just invoke that feeling of freedom, adventure, and sunshine.

→ Summertime by The Head and the Heart

→ Long Hot Summer Days by Sara Watkins

→ Mountain Sound by Of Monsters and Men

3 new things I’m looking forward to exploring/experiencing

→ Exploring the Upper East Side in NYC

→ Floating down the French Broad River

→ Visiting the new restaurant Taco Billy in Asheville

photo of last summer’s exploration of the Lower East Side
Photo of one of last summer’s visits to a delicious Mexican restaurant

3 favorite Asheville restaurants that I always visit


→ Curate

→ Panacea Coffeehouse

3 new faves (first-time moments from last summer)

→ Hole Doughnuts in Asheville

→ all of Williamsburg (NYC)

→ Walking a NYC bridge

3 favorite summer hangouts I revisit over + over

→ Asheville Guitar Bar

→ Lake Junaluska

→ East River (NYC)

3 top Asheville breweries

→ Highland Brewing Co.

→ Asheville Pizza + Brewing Co.

→ The Wedge

3 outdoor spots where I could “waste” a whole day

→ Central Park

→ Great Smoky Mountains

→ My parents’ front porch

3 foodie loves (things I can’t get in Sweden!)

→ Southern brunch

→ Tacos

→ Chicken fingers

The 3 most important things in my life

→ Friends

→ Family

→ Creating memories with my love

And there you have it! Lots of fantastic things that I cannot wait to do and see and experience. Alright… time to get busy. I have got to go change out the laundry. Then, start organizing in preparation for my packing. It ain’t that hard, though, when the weather is sooooo wonderfully warm + humid.

So, friends, what are you plans this weekend?! What are some of your favorite things about where you spend your summer vacation? Tell me!

Happy weekend, lovelies! xoxo. liz.

All photos are taken from last summer’s trip to the States. Stay tuned for photos + videos from our upcoming trip!

6 thoughts on “Summer in the States: All the things I love the most

  1. Now I would realy love to pack my bags and come with you! I know that is not possible, but hey at least I got to see your Asheville home once! 🙂 Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy!

    1. That would be absolutely perfect Gesine! We will have to have a summer trip together to the USA sometime! Love you. xx

    1. Yes, we do. 🙂 And we are so looking forward to it all! You’re really counting down the days now, aren’t you?! Exciting!! xo

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