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Rituals + Routines: School’s back in session

In my last post, I shared that this slow, different, Covid-19 summer in Sweden taught me the rhythm of my soul in a very real , concrete way. I ended my vacation literally feeling + living the rhythms of my soul. But, now, work…

23 Aug 2020

Reimagine: How 2020 has taught me the rhythm of my soul

Summer vacation is over + even though I have already completed my first week back at work, I have one last summer post to share. It is, perhaps, the most important for me because, as I write this, I am processing + reflecting +…

10 Aug 2020
summer sweden

Restore: A week at home to love where I live

Week two of my summer vacation was spent at home with the intention to restore my love for where I live. Let’s face it, being at home during a pandemic ain’t easy. No matter how much or how little life has changed for us…

20 Jul 2020
summer sweden

Rest: Settling into the rhythms of summer

Summer is supposed to be all about rest I think. And I am lucky enough to live in a country (Sweden) that values the importance of creating space for rest by making the work-life balance a priority. I have all of July off. So…

16 Jul 2020
summer year summaries

How I am facing the second half of 2020

It’s been almost a month since my last post! How is that possible? Time just keeps on clicking by, days running into days, months into months, and this crazy year continues onward. My absence here has been due to a chaotic last 2 weeks…

13 Jul 2020
summer the seasons

Slow. Simple. Wild. Welcome to Summer 2020.

we’ve hit the halfway mark of the year + have now entered summer 2020 (or winter 2020, for you southern hemisphere souls). wherever you find yourself, i cannot believe that the seasons have changed again + that we have now crossed another threshold and…

22 Jun 2020