Midsummer Rituals: The Abundance of a Full Moon with No Boundaries

abundance full moon june

I’m gonna go way off on a limb with this Midsummer Rituals post. There is an abundance of energy occurring right now. Both today + for the next week. And that’s my inspiration for breaking out of my boundaries + doing things a little differently today. This season is most definitely a powerful time of the year; and, turns out, I’m feeling it deeply. And that is somehow giving me an extra sense of empowerment + an extra connection to my own intuition. So, I’m gonna just go with it and share with you what my soul is tapping into right now.

All of this energy that is opening not only me, but to all of us, I believe, is coming from everywhere + all around. The changing of the seasons is upon us. In just a few days, we will reach the pinnacle of the summer season (northern hemisphere) + the depth of the winter season (southern hemisphere). As soon as next weekend passes, we will have made an important turn on the wheel of the year. Switching from the light half of the year to the dark half of the year. And we northern hemisphere residents will begin our slow six month descent towards the winter solstice.

But, before we get ahead of ourselves, there is much to be celebrated + tapped into this week. And even, specifically, this day. So, there’s no need to freak out about the darkness, my friends. Instead, let’s focus on right now.

abundance full moon june

June’s full moon

Tonight is June’s full moon + it feels like the perfect, magical launching moment for the week ahead. As all full moons illuminate, this one does not disappoint. She rises above us tonight full with an abundance of light, truth, and maturity. It is the perfect moment to stand + soak in the moonbeams + feel into the intentions, dreams, and wishes that rise from our souls.

And here’s the thing: Each of us have all that we need to tap into those intuitive powers that help us set our course for the next phase of our journey. There is no person who has more power or knowledge about your life than you. You are the most important + powerful part of your full moon, solstice, spiritual, and daily life experience. Trust your soul. Trust the thoughts, feelings, emotions, twinges, dreams, words, movements that rise from your soul under the full moon tonight. Take a few minutes to journal them – and look back in a month to see what was manifested or transformed. See how you have grown.

The abundance of summer

This weekend, I have been very intentional in enjoying the moment. But not just enjoying it… basking in it. The abundant sunshine here in Sweden this weekend has been high + hot, making for perfect summer vibes. I have spent time outside just soaking it all up (and melting away, to be honest).

That’s the thing about this time of the year as we approach the solstice. Whether it’s sunny or not, this is the season of the abundance of light. The sun sets late + rises early, making days long + nights bright. Here in northern Europe the sun sets at 11 pm and the night is never dark. And, then, the sun peeks above the horizon again around 2:30 am. It’s wild. The abundance of light is mind-blowing.

I also find myself basking in the abundance of nature just by seeing the lush plants + trees + gardens. It feels like everything in nature in the north is coming into its own + embodying it’s purpose by blooming + growing. Everywhere I look I see ripening, maturing, becoming. From the birds of the sky to the flowers in the yard to the crops in the field. Colors are vibrant. Growth is abundant. Life is happening in real time.

We, too, are part of this process of abundant growth. This is the perfect time to also bask in our own growth since the winter solstice. Because we have also grown. In no way are the same people we were just 6 months ago. How have we changed? In what ways have we matured? Where have we embodied our soul? How are we becoming?

Right now, this week, it’s time for us to just sit back + bask in the abundance of our lives. To tap into a sense of gratitude. To recognize the journey we’ve been on, where we are, and all that we have accomplished. It’s time to simply enjoy the richness + fullness of life illuminated by the bright light of the day + the magical, glowing full moon of the night.

crystals for abundance

A life without boundaries

The card today is about setting boundaries – about learning to care for ourselves + saying no sometimes in order to be true to our soul’s desires. But, in trusting my intuition, I didn’t feel like that was the message that the card had for me today. Instead, at this time of the year, in the midst of this rituals series, the Boundaries card inspires a sense of no boundaries.

And that actually makes sense with the vibes of abundance swirling around. For me, not only is this a time to focus on the abundance of light + life + maturity + growth, but it is the time to dream BIG. To live without boundaries. To be boundless in our intentions, dreams, desires, and possibility. It is the perfect time to use the energy of the light of the sun + the full moon to let go of whatever is holding us back. To release those boundaries that keep us boxed in.

Not only is there an abundance of what has been + what has grown, but there is an abundance of what is to come. There is no need ever to live a life of scarcity. It’s tempting to be afraid and worried, but living from fear keeps our lives small + closed in. But, as soon as we set our souls free, as soon as we trust in the unfolding of our lives + the flow of it all, then everything opens up. Light pours in. Love rains down. Roots grow deep. And we rise up.

There is more than enough light + life + love swirling around this universe. All we need to do is to trust our intuition and set an intention to hop on, ride the wave, and let it flow through us. All we need to do is open up.

Open our hearts wide. No boundaries. Let the light in. Bask in the abundance. Radiate light back out.

xoxo. liz.

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