the best of 2016: a playlist of my year in music + a spotify tip

Spotify did a cool thing. They created my very own special playlist for me.

The playlist was created + based on my top played songs throughout the year. And it is freaking amazing. It’s like having a playlist of the best of the best… all of the songs that have inspired me the most from month to month, gathered together in one place, and I didn’t have to do a thing!

The songs are in the order of most played to least played – but mind you, these are only my top 100 played songs. So, I actually listened to more than these, these were just the ones that were on repeat day after day. Hehe.

The winner of the most listened to song goes to… In The During Of A Moment by The Lowest Pair. A group my brother introduced me to. Folksy, edgy, contemplative, bad ass. All rolled into one. The song became my favorite because of the lyrics, the sound, the instruments, the contemplative, lazy vibe, the raspiness, the authenticity, the meaning.

I mean, it’s just about the perfect song for me. It feels like me. And, to top it all off, I have such nostalgic feelings already about it – it makes me think of and feel the presences of my brother, which makes my heart ache and smile all at the same time. In any case… you just have to listen to it. It may not be your cup of tea, but it does have an amazing message.


The top 5 artists that inspired me (= I listened to them the most) are: Elephant Revival, The Avett Brothers, The Lowest Pair, The Oh Hellos and Mandolin Orange (in no particular order). If you haven’t heard of them, give ’em a listen. And if you have, then she with me the names of some bands/groups/people you love. I looooove finding new music.

So, without further ado, here are my top 100 songs of 2016. Thanks to Spotify. I’ve copied their playlist and created my own… mostly because I wanted my own “playlist cover”. And I absolutely love love love all of the tracks. It’s pretty awesome to have all of my faves in one place.

If you want to find your Top Songs of 2016, then here’s how.

→ Go to Spotify.

→ Click on “Browse” in the top of the lefthand column.

→ Then click on “Genres + Moods”

→ Choose the playlist that says “2016 Wrapped”

→ Then, click on “Your Top Songs 2016”

→ Voila! Your own personal playlist!

Music has a magical way that speaks to our spirit like nothing else can. I hope that you’ve had a great year of music that has inspired you, made you dance, given you strength, and touched your soul. Please feel free to share with me (and others!) what songs or artists were extra special for you during 2016.

Here’s to a discovering new tunes, re-discovering old favorites, and opening up to let it all move through us and lift our spirits in 2017!

xoxo. liz.

P.S. This playlist is just the thing I need for what I’m doing today… flying to the States!!! More to come on that later… Check back!

2 thoughts on “the best of 2016: a playlist of my year in music + a spotify tip

  1. They made me a list too… But I listen most to a playlist of Dick Sutphen affirmations which I play very quietly in the background when I’m on the computer. So they combined that in with my most played lists of 70’s music, jazz, and Stevie Goodman, etc. Makes a pretty funny list, but not too great to play 🙂

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