the gospel according to bill watterson.

i’ve seen the following cartoon a few times today in different places, so i took it as a sign. a sign that this was something i was supposed to focus on. a reminder for my brain to listen to my soul. and a message to share with y’all.

you know, we all get so caught up in the expectations of others, of society, of the things we are “supposed” to do, or “should” do. we get caught in the rat race of life, or the trappings of the things we believe will make us happy, instead of letting ourselves feel and live the things our soul inspires us to be, do, experience. let’s face it, we are afraid to live differently. to be carefree. to throw caution to the wind and take a risk. and even after all this time, and all these risks i’ve taken in my life, which have always turned out more amazingly awesome than i could have imagined and never as i planned them… even after knowing all of that, i still shudder when someone asks me, “have you found a job yet?”. or i make up fake, horrible thoughts in my head that i believe other people are thinking about me as they (in my mind) judge me.

but, this is my thing. these are my demons. my inability to simply be me. or the war that i wage with myself as i fight to always stay true to myself. why do you think that this blog is all about following your dreams, being true to yourself, living your life, etc? it’s because this blog is all about me. i am talking to myself in everything that i post here, as i talk to y’all.

and yet, i know that nothing that anyone else thinks about me truly matters. what others think about my life are what they think about my life. it’s my life to live. i am responsible only to myself, and my family. of course, i believe that, as a citizen of the world, i am responsible also to the wider world, to a calling to be someone who makes a difference – and i choose to allow that calling be a value in my life. but, no one, and i mean no one, dictates to me how i make that difference in the world. that is between me & my soul. and yet, i still fall for the old traps. the same old pressures and made-up expectations. i still hear those voices ringing in my head as i battle those demons and fears.

i admit that as i am in this amazing, and yet weird, place in my life (job-wise), i still feel pressure (or better yet, create it) to follow the safest, most normal, road that’s possible – even though that is so not me. i’m a wild, risk-taker. what you may not know is that living from my soul does not come easily. it is something i work very hard at doing.  but, my soul reminds me and teaches me to fight on. living an authentic life is so worth it.

 and, today, this comic strip spoke volumes to my brain, reaffirming that my soul is right on track. as usual. and that i should simply  keep listening to that gut feeling. it is always, always right.

anyway. enough of my ramblings. just look at this comic strip… and you will see the message that the universe reminded me of today. and i i hope it is an inspiration to you, too.



the quote is attributed to bill watterson, the famous (for most of us) artist and creator of the comic strip calvin and hobbes. the cartoon above is from this artist’s website.

what is your soul telling you? what is the life that you dream of? don’t give up on it. keep on following the road less traveled (my favorite poem of all time), and you will experience a life filled with more riches and unbelievable moments than all the money, security, prestige, and power can give you.

i believe in you. and in me. peace.

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  1. You know, I almost didn’t read all this post, as I thought it was going to be something more “gospel” related, that I don’t link with the same. BUT… this post is frigging brilliant! I cannot tell you how much I can now, without really realising before, I now relate to. It’s true, it’s hard to step away from the “traditional” path… currently I have such low £££, work hours, and barely see friends, but BUT BUT, I hope, that this is the way to create the future, and the right now, I’m loving as it is MINE!
    Great post

  2. the road less travelled is always the best, isn’t it?! thanks for making it past the title & reading anyway. 🙂 xx

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