The Medicine of the Dawn: Welcoming a new age

my computer seems to be dead upon arrival to the states, so that has caused me to be so far behind on my medicine of midwinter series posts. but, that’s actually ok because we’re in the middle of middle days between the solstice + xmas + the new year. so, it’s the perfect time to focus on being present as a new dawn is upon us.

life is meant to move slowly right now. we are meant to be in the moment. and we are certainly blessed if we are so lucky as to have the time to move intentionally through these days.

a new day has dawned, though. and change is upon us. as always, time keeps flowing + life keeps unfolding. whether we are mindful of it or not. and, if we have the time, then these middle days are the perfect opportunity to really enjoy the rising of a new dawn and the dawning of a new age.

with a new year + a new decade just a few days away, it’s tempting to think that we are moving forward. but, what if we thought of ourselves, of life, as moving upward, inward, or downward? what if we thought of life moving deeper, higher, or spiraling onward.

what if this year we prepare for the new year by embracing the dawning of a new age that is evolving, deepening, rising, radiating? that, instead of thinking we are marching forward on a timeline, we are rising from the ground + receiving from the cosmos… so that we, ourselves, can be a vessel of light, love, and hope.

what if this new dawn, new day, and new age is meant to simply help us embrace this moment, and all the moments to come, one at a time.

shifting our focus from resolutions and goals and the pressure to be better, to letting the natural process of our own spiritual evolution unfold + emerge moment by moment. following the example of the rising sun.

the sun will rise. the rhythm of life beats on. day after day. moon cycle after moon cycle. season after season. year after year.

what if, with these sunrises during these middle days, we catch the wave of the rhythm of life + learn to flow + unfold + emerge + embody our natural state of being + living in the moment?

just some things i’m thinking about and scribbling down on my iphone as the dawn of a new day approaches.

blessed new age, wild ones. xoxo. liz.

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