The week that defines me + calls me downward

It’s finally here. My birthday week and the autumn equinox. You know, it’s not like I sit around all year just waiting for this week to come, but I sure do love it when it does. I think that it was meant for me to be an equinox baby. And I think that the timing of it all has guided and inspired and led me to find this slow, moody, rhythmic life I love as a way to express, feel, and experience my presence on earth. This is how I am meant to be. And so, this time of year, this season, the slow, balanced, moody energy of the earth + the cosmos right now is exactly what my soul connects with. It draws me inward + downward. So, this time of year I feel most like me.

I’m turning 48 in a few days and I feel nothing but excitement + gratitude about that. 48 times around the sun. Wow. And, of course, the magical movement of the earth around the sun also finds its moment of balance in a few days… as the earth tilts just perfectly so that day + night are equal, light + dark coexist. I find that right now, more than any other time of the year, it is the perfect time to focus on me, reflect on life, and celebrate all that I have to be grateful for. But, it also the season to settle in. It is the time when nature calls me downward and home to my inner self. Because just a quietly as that moment of balance comes, it’s gone. And we cross over into the darkest 6 months of the year.

Even so, I am most definitely partial to this time of year. I was born when the leaves turn golden, when the energy calls us downward + inward, when the earth begins to surrender to the darkness so that space can be made for something new to grow 6 months later in the spring. And that feels magical. It feels like the calling that guides me and inspires me to live in rhythm with the earth.

But, it’s not just a season for me to love + enjoy. It is the most beautiful, mysterious time of the year for all of us. A time that we cannot do without. For, without the darkness, we would not notice the light. Without the cold, we couldn’t feel the warmth.

And so, I must move slowly, lest I miss all of these quiet, slow, beautiful changes. I must create ways to be present as I am pulled downward.

September, though she’s moving quickly + we’re already less than a week away from the equinox ushering us into the dark half of the year, I feel like I’ve been very present. The month of September arrived and I immediately sank down into all of those deep, moody, cozy, earthy, warm vibes. The shift has happened slowly and, yet, also all at once.

I have already swapped out my iced coffee for spiced lattes and switched from spicy margaritas to hot toddies. It’s now time to decide if this year I’m team apple cider or team hot cocoa, hunt for a few new autumn recipes to try, and pull out my scarves, sweaters, and boots from the back of the closet.

My home has already got that fall vibe going on. Autumn-inspired fabrics are tossed about in the apartment: gold + brown + rust-shaded pillows, blankets, covers, and table decorations make it warm + cozy. I’ve begun using autumn-hued candles to warm up the dark nights. And, yes, I’ve also already bought a few tiny pumpkins. For some reason, either time is moving super fast, or I am super into autumn this year. Ok, when am I not into it?! But, this year, more than others in the past, I am ready to turn inward + move downward. Deeper than I’ve gone before.

And even though time seems to be flying by and life has been busy, I feel stable and settled. I feel grounded in a rhythm that works for me right now. All I want to do is be present + soak up the moments. I don’t want to miss a thing. But, I’m not worried that I will. I’m feeling very “right here, right now”. And, really, what more could I ask for? Early mornings alone. Weekly yoga classes. Fulfilling + challenging work. The glory of nature changing, releasing, and dying right before my very eyes to prepare for the season of rest.

So, September keeps on sliding by, day by day. And I feel myself falling deeper + deeper into the heart of this warm, golden season. Knowing that in a week, I’ll celebrate another year around the sun at the same time as the new moon, and then drop downward into the soft , slow darkness of the most cozy time of the year.

This month, this second phase of autumn, has given me so many lovely moments so far. From watching the slow changes in nature, to a girl’s weekend with our sweet German friend who came to visit, to gathering autumn decorations, to long + busy work days, to cozy nights at home and slow nights out with my love.

However, I look forward to the continued beauty to be found in the people, places, moments, art, culture, rituals, and quiet celebrations that lie ahead during this very special week… I am so excited + ready. In fact, I hope to finish an intentions list in my journal tonight when I finish up this post.

The third phase of autumn

So, as we move through the week ahead… as my birthday comes + goes, and as the equinox passes by, guiding us downward into the season of darkness, surrender, and rest, we cross over the 3rd and final phase of autumn. And we enter the witchy, dark, magical, mysterious time of discovering our own power and magic. In one week it will be time for the soulful season of flickering candles + quiet reflection, studying magic, accepting mystery, moon gazing, facing the shadows, and hosting meaningful gatherings during the long, dark nights.

And, just like that, I now declare that I am officially in autumn mode. Magically, as I write that sentence Enya’s song “The First of Autumn” began playing. I do not know what it is, but this autumn is special. The calling to go deep, to drop into the darkness, to be at one with the energy of nature, to believe in the mystery, to stay quiet in the present moment, to savor it all… the call is strong.

I have no idea what we are being called to. Or if it is any more special than any year before. But, I feel it more strongly. I am more aligned with it. More in rhythm with it. And more inspired than I have been. Inspired to what, I don’t know. It all just feels big and deep and soul-filling right now. So, I’m going all in with this most magical week – giving all myself over to the rhythm of this season.

Dance with me all season long.

xoxo. liz.

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  1. This is my favorite time of year too. You did a great job of describing the feeling of autumn. I totally agree with your perspective on it. It’s time to get cozy and slow down a bit. I’m ready for it 🙂 Happy early Birthday to you!!!

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