This autumn’s got me feeling all of cozy, moody vibes

I know that it is still autumn for us in the northern hemisphere. And, I am not wishing time away. But, I just can’t shake that feeling that autumn is slipping away and winter is creeping in. Those dark, warm, golden, moody moments of autumn have long passed for us up here in the Nordic north. The trees are now bare, the wind is cold, and Mother Nature’s pallet is a bit more minimal: black, white, midnight blue and gray. With the occasional brief orange or red sunrise or sunset.

And while I am admittedly melancholic to see autumn fading away, I have some very warm memories from the past month and a half since the autumn equinox. Of course, I took photos all through these past few autumnal weeks, so I have photos to help me keep that nostalgic feeling alive. When I think of autumn, and especially when I look back on this one, I have nothing but warm, cozy feelings of living in the moment, of literally basking in the glow of the autumn hues.

So, I thought I’d share some of my most favorite moody moments from the past few weeks. It’s a photo essay of nature, home, and the warmth of autumn seen through the lens of my life.

It has been a blessed + beautiful autumn. But, I am ready to settle into the dark, hard work of winter. For, it will also bring it’s own charm + warmth.

Which season do you like better? Winter or autumn? Have you got any special memories from this autumn? Or do you have any questions about any of my photos?

And, just to help me get creative… what are some of your best winter tips for making it through the season of cold + wind? I am already working on posts + ideas for the upcoming season!

Blessed Monday, wild ones. Here’s to finding beauty in whatever season you experience this week. xoxo. liz.



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