tuesday night.

well, i’ve got no picture to share today. and I don’t have much to say either. or rather, i have so much to say, i can’t say anything. it feels like i’ve been super busy for the past 2 days, but i am not so sure i have. one thing i know for sure is that there is one thing on my mind right now… what comes next? i can’t really go into it right now, and i know that sounds mysterious (hehe), but just know that my little brain is filled up with thoughts and information. that’s what i’ve been busy doing… thinking & dreaming.

on another note, i have a little request. tomorrow afternoon i have a little interview for a little job in a little church. =) if you don’t know me, you don’t know that i have not worked in a church for over 3 years now, and going back to work there is a big, big deal to me. so, would you kindly send some good thoughts my way? (not only for the interview, but also for my swedish – because, you know, i live in sweden and i’m trying to get a job & i gotta speak the language, so my swedish better be up to par tomorrow. gaahhh!!) with that said, thank you for the good vibes in advance. now it’s off to bed and i will simply trust that, come what may, things will be just as they are supposed to be.

hope you all are well. peace & more peace.

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  1. A belated good luck. But… I did read this on my phone earlier this morning and was thinking of you over lunch! How did it go x

  2. Thanks, girls!! It went really well!! More details to come soon… I’m super tired tonight. 🙂 Hope you chicks have had a good day!

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