two chicks and a chat.

last night my love and i did something new. something we had never even talked about doing before.

i’m not sure what sparked the inspiration for this fun, new thing, but somehow my love started talked about it and asked if i was game. perhaps she was inspired by a magazine or something. and i’m game for anything i get to do with my love… so, we made a make-shift recording studio on our bed. hooked up the microphone. and began chatting.

yes, we recorded our first podcast!

it feels a little bit like i’m naked, posting my voice out there. there’s something so anonymous about writing and typing, but letting you all hear my voice. well… as i said. me. naked. exposed. at the same time, it’s really exciting. and i love sharing my life &t thoughts with all of you. plus, doing it with my love is so. much. fun.

so, here’s the first official two chicks & a chat podcast. weeeeee!

if you want to hear more, i’ll be creating a category somewhere over on the right side of this page. or you can simply follow me on soundcloud by clicking here. i don’t know how often we’ll be recording podcasts, but now that we know how to do it, i’m thinking it will be more often than not. hehe. i’ll be sure to keep you updated.

thanks for following. thanks for reading. thanks for listening. and thanks for allowing me to share life with you – even through the blogosphere. you readers truly mean so much to me!

over & out. peace.

0 thoughts on “two chicks and a chat.

  1. That was too cute. I like the way you each say part of each other’s sentences – haha – I have twin daughters and they do that (only more competitively, since they each just want my attention. hehe). Your beloved’s Swedish/Southern accent is adorable.

    And we’re still all jealous-like of your snow over here.

    Have a great weekend, and don’t read too many unpurchased magazines!!

  2. hehe!!! thanks for listening! we are so silly, but it really was fun. 🙂

    i know, lina’s accent is freaking cute as pie. as for the magazines, i can’t promise anything. 😉

    hope your week will be great!

  3. Too cute. I loved it. The part about being cool in Sweden versus being cool in US, hilarious. Way to go, two chicks. 🙂


  4. isn’t it crazy how that happens?! i suppose we build up personalities/characteristics in our heads, and reality is most often something completely different. hehe. we realized after we finished, that we had not introduced ourselves, so if you hadn’t met us in real life, you’d have trouble knowing who was who. oops. 😉 to be honest, i sometimes have a hard time distinguishing myself!

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