wednesday wisdom: rules of living #8

isn’t it amazing how things just happen serendipitously? like they were meant to be? it’s been a fairly regular occurrence in my life that, when there is one thing on my mind, it surfaces everywhere i look, or comes up in many conversations i have. the one message/idea/thought that i seem to be dealing with most at any given moment, just pops up all over – reinforcing that same message/idea/thought. i suppose it has to be a mystical way of the universe at work, combined with my attentiveness to something, that heightens my awareness…

interestingly enough, it happened today when lina pulled today’s “rule of living” out of my cup. if you don’t know what i’m talking about, i have printed off the dalai lama’s 18 rules of living on 18 separate slips of paper & put them in a cup. every wednesday morning, my love pulls one out, and that is the topic (rule) for the day – what i am going to write about on the blog for this wednesday series i am doing on the 18 rules of living.

so, just as i have been battling with thoughts of a being a bit of failure here & there – work-related, dream-related, and cathedral-related (see my cathedral series here), this was the rule that was randomly chosen for today:

7. When you realize you’ve made a mistake, take immediate steps to correct it.

there’s not much more to say than that, i believe. no matter what mistake has occurred, the best thing to do is to reflect on it. learn from it. reconcile with anyone (including ourselves!). make a change. and move on. aaaand, we must never forget… there is no need to be perfect. we are flawed and imperfect and beautiful just as we are. besides, often our mistakes, and the lessons we learn from them, are the things that make life colorful, exciting, adventurous, and amazing.

now, here are a few other little morsels of goodness to consider:

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now, let’s get on with it, friends! take risks, don’t be afraid, give yourself a break, don’t be afraid of failing, and follow your soul. and, if you screw up, well… then just keep on moving! here’s to you and all of your amazingness!

namaste. xx

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  1. I often feel that my blog is where I work on correcting my old mistakes, such as being too negative and judgmental, not regularly giving myself a quiet space for peaceful thoughts and self-nurturing, and so forth. And yes, sometimes our best insights and successes can come from reflecting on our mistakes and how to correct them. Excellent quote about the meaning of grace!

    1. i loved that quote too, meg! isn’t fabulous having a blog space to help us process and understand ourselves. 🙂 xx

  2. Isn’t it crazy how certain ideas or issues manifest around us or make us think? I find I notice this more and more, it’s just another reassurance of the synchronicity of the universe. Love this post!

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