We’re moving this summer!

We’ve told everyone that we wanted to tell personally, so now we can make it public: we’re moving this summer! Lina + I have lived in Uppsala, Sweden for over 6 years now and just a couple of months ago, we decided that it’s time for a change.

We love The Yellow Villa (as we call our apartment, thanks to HGTV). But, a little while ago, we started dreaming bigger. We began thinking about the possibility of moving outside of the city so we could be closer to nature, have our own space that’s a wee bit bigger than what we have, and just live more quietly and simply. When we decided to start to try to get pregnant that confirmed even more our desire to move from the Yellow Villa.

Then, a global pandemic struck and we all found ourselves at home more than ever. While, I love being at home, it soon became apparent that Lina + I really do want and need a tiny bit of a larger space. And that we want to really create the home that we want. (first world privilege that I can even think that, I know.)

Throughout the past year, I can honestly say that I have fallen in love with being at home even more. I have come to understand so much more about how I want my life to center around and extend from my home. Sure, I have missed being out and about, but where I live truly is my sanctuary. And, ultimately, I want a space that is so inviting and relaxing and calm, that others want to spend time with us at home. We really want our space to be a sacred refuge for others – whether they visit for weeks or for a couple of hours.

So, we had decided, in the midst of the pandemic, after we got pregnant, that once Peanut was born, we’d wait a year or so and find a home or even build one.

But, then came 2021. And we found out that Peanut, now 4 months old in Lina’s belly, was not well. So, we made the horrible, devastating decision to end the pregnancy.

In the months that have passed since then, we have discussed so much about our future + the lessons that we’ve learned so far because of the pandemic; and, most importantly, the lessons we’ve received from the experience of being pregnant + losing Peanut and the life we had begun to dream about.

It became clear quite fast that, since we had already decided to move in a year or so, that we might as well do it now. Honestly, we wondered if it was a sense of escapism + healthy to make such a huge decision in the midst of our grief and trauma, but our souls told us that it was right. So, just like that we decided that now was the time.

We immediately began cleaning, organizing, and planning. And with every passing day, we became more sure that this was right for us. That this is actually perfect for us. That, without even knowing it before, we have reached the end of our time in Uppsala. It really is time for a new start, a fresh start, new adventures, and new dreams. Suddenly, something felt like us again – an “us” that we haven’t been in touch with since moving from Asheville to Uppsala. The “us” that takes risks, dreams big, believes in possibilities, thrives in change, yearns for adventure, and loves to discover life.

I am certain that a year of a global pandemic + the loss of a baby have everything to do with us tapping back into these soul-driven ways of living.

Now, though,we are finding out the weirdness of having hope + inspiration all at the same time we are still in the middle of our grief and loss.

So, we’ve talked with our places of work. I’ve turned in my notice and my last day (after 5.5 years) is June 21. Lina is continuing her job + will be working remotely. And, if that is not amazing enough, we’ve found a new apartment + already signed the contract! So, no, we’re not moving out into the countryside… yet. We will be renting for the time being to save money and find the perfect spot to build or buy. Close to water, forests, and fields.

While this was also not our original plan, this also feels so very right. We’ve found a big, newly built apartment on the top floor of a building in the middle of the most gorgeous areas of Norrköping. From our giant balcony, we will see endless sky and overlook the entire downtown + famously gorgeous industrial section of the city. It is going to be epic. And I cannot wait to share it with you! Everything from the apartment to the neighborhood to the city to the gorgeous nature in the area.

So, no, we ‘re not moving to the States. Or to another country. We’re moving to Norrköping. The east coast city, south of Stockholm, where Lina grew up + where we lived during my first 3 years in Sweden (also our first 3 years of marriage). So, it’s a bit like returning home for both of us. Lina’s family is still there, but we also have friends in the city. Some very special friends and super funky people that we cannot wait to hang out with – after we have all gotten vaccinated, of course.

It feels like we are moving to a totally new city (since things have changed so much since we were there in 2013), but also one that is familiar. We already have a huge network of support there. But, we also have so much to explore + experience. It feels inspiring + exciting, but also cozy + comfy. And that sounds like the perfect combination for whatever comes next in our life.

Our moving date is the beginning of July, so there are just 2 months left in Uppsala. We hope to get our apartment sold quickly and then just sit back + enjoy being here throughout June. It’s a pretty intense time right now, full of emotions + activity, and I often find it hard to find a sense of grounded balance. But, my strategy is to stay as present in the day as possible.

I really hope to squeeze in the time to document our move here, but we shall see how it goes. I make no promises. right now. Hehe.

As for right now, our apartment has just been. listed on our real estate company’s website (as an upcoming sell), so that feels super exciting! But it has been inteeeeense getting to that point. We interviewed 4 different realtors from 4 companies in our home on 4 different nights last week. We’ve packed and organized and cleaned. And that’s after having the kitchen renovated + painting the entire apartment ourselves. There’s still much to do, but perhaps the worse is behind us?! We’re open + ready for any and everything to happen, though.

This weekend is also the 3 month anniversary since we said goodbye to Peanut and the hospital told us that her ashes would be at the gravesite (a public memorial for people who are cremated) by now. So, tomorrow we are going to visit her. And that feels tough, but beautiful at the same time.

For now, I think I’ve documented + updated a lot of what’s been going on. Stay tuned here and check back to see what’s going on + how the move is turning out! We are so excited about starting over + moving forward! For us, all of this means finding our way back to living life again – and that feels amazing.

xoxo. liz.

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  1. Forever in my heart. You have always inspired me and challenge me to be true to myself and love much. You two will forever be mothers to me ❤️

    1. I’m crying tears of gratitude and joy. Thank you so much for your message, Starr. Love you always. xoxo

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