what to do with my monday.

a rainy window, with christmas lights outside, on the first sunday in advent.

last night there was a storm all across southern sweden. kind of a scandinavian hurricane, you could say. it’s been chaos… no electricity, transportation issues, wind & rain & flooding damage. it wasn’t too bad here (we live in the northern part of southern sweden. make sense?), but there was a lot of wind & rain. no real damage. so, we were able to hunker down & enjoy a relaxing sunday night. as the wind & rain pelted our windows… what a great way to go to sleep at night.

but, this morning we woke up really early. at 6:00 am, my love left for a 2 day conference in stockholm. zola (our cat) & i will stay home & take care of business here for the next 2 days. so, what will we do? (i am “off” since my internship supervisors = my wife & her colleague, are at the conference). the only thing i have planned  is laundry this afternoon. other than that, the hours stand in front of me quite empty. that feels good & not so good at the same time.

when i woke this morning (for the second time. i slept again after lina left. hehe), i turned on my computer, read some blogs & checked the news. one blog had tons of creative thoughts about advent, and somehow i ended up all over the place, clicking here & there, and before i knew it, i was researching a person that influenced (and still influences) many people to embrace their journey in life & to live life to the fullest. i was so inspired; & i was so amazed that i had never discovered this person before!

then it occurred to me, i have 2 days in front of me. two days to take care of some things at home, to do a tiny bit of work, and to (wait for it….) study! yes, that’s right. study. my love may be at a cool conference in stockholm, but i’m going to have my own little conference here at home. i’m gonna immerse myself in life, words, & work of joseph campbell. not to worry, i will explain & write more later, you can count on it… ‘cuz from what i’ve read so far, his ideas, thoughts, & beliefs are amazing!

so, it’s gonna be a quiet & cozy monday and tuesday. i’m gonna soak up some inspiring words. read a little, watch a documentary, and take some time for myself. call it a little retreat. it’s weird to be without my love, and things feel different/empty when we are separated (even for 2 days, cheesy, i know). but, here’s me making the best of it, using my time creatively, and beginning my journey through advent to christmas with some quiet, cozy, inspirational moments.

happy monday. wishing you peace & light.

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  1. Ja det gäller att ta vara på tiden. Vet hur det känns, hatar när Micke är iväg på jobbresor, men har börjat försöka ta vara på tiden på något sätt ändå och inte bara gå och vänta. Ha det så skönt! Känner du för lunch imorgon så är jag i stan. Ska klippa mig halv elva och har sen lite tid att “slå ihjäl” innan klockan blir två och jag ska hämta Joline på dagis. Kram

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