Why we love hosting friends for the weekend

I’m so lucky to have the friends I have. And I’m talking to all of you out there, near and far. And I’m even luckier + happier when they come to visit for the weekend. Especially when it’s friends who live in other countries that I don’t get to see that often. That’s the freaking best. (Hint hint to all of you who haven’t made it to Sweden yet. Hehe.).

And I guess you could say that my home has been a little revolving door of international visitors for the past month and a half. Which has been incredibly fun.

As many of you know, my American parents came to Sweden this summer + stayed for three weeks. It was magically amazing and I will post much more about that later. But, for now, I wanna share with you two more very special people that Lina and I hosted for two very special weekends right after my parents left.

So, yes, my parents were in town for a while. And then they left and I was sad.

Amazingly, though, a British friend of ours (actually our House Hunters International producer/director who we became real life friends with after having her produce our episode) was in Stockholm the same week. So, after I put my parents on the plane, and Lina + I had a night to ourselves to decompress, our friend came up to Uppsala to stay with us after her shoot wrapped in Stockholm.

We did girly, fun things together during the weekend. Drank drinks. Did some shopping. Slept late. Talked. Laughed. Walked. Sipped coffee. Had more drinks. And just enjoyed the time together in real life again. Of course before the weekend ended, we planned our next opportunity to see each other – ’cause that’s how international friends roll. There’s no date yet, but I think it’ll be in London where our fabulous friend will then host us. CAN’T WAIT:

In any case, in celebration of this fun weekend, I thought I’d share a few photos of our shenanigans. There aren’t many because we were just having too much damn fun.

After crazy, amazing C left to return to London, my love + I had a date night. We’d bought tickets to an outdoor concert in town, so we bundled up – yes, in August, we bundled up with scarves, gloves, and jackets – and had a romantic, cozy night of music + inspiration. What a great ending to a perfect weekend of plain ole simple fun.

Flash forward a few days, and we were ready for our next visitor! G came up from Berlin to spend a few days with us. This dear woman is the special friend we visited in Germany back in May to participate in her beautiful, magical wedding.

We’ve been friends for years and have really done an epic job of visiting each other, even with the distance between us. In fact, we actually lived in the same city for a while… that’s how we met. Lina + I visited Germany twice and she’s visited us in Sweden a few times, plus she and her husband even came to stay with us a while when Lina + I lived in the States.

This time her visit was quick and short, but just as fun. The only tough part was that we weren’t all together the whole time. I got to spend time with G when Lina was working, and vice versa. But, we did have one cozy night at home all together.

So here’s a bit of what we did. And, of course, we planned our next little reunion. No date or place yet. But, perhaps in another European city!

Lina and I absolutely love hosting friends + family at our place. Like, we looooove it. So, if you’re craving a little adventure, a lot of calm + rest, and some quality time with us, then just let us know! Our sofa is comfy, Uppsala is beautiful, and I make a mean pot of coffee. Plus we know all the best beer and history around here. Drop me a line + come for a visit! We’d love to have you!

In the meantime, this weekend, we have absolutely no plans. And that feels amazing! So, happy Friday, out there! Love to you all!

xoxo. liz.

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    1. Stockholm Arlanda!! What weekend works for you two?! ? Oh yes. After all these years, we have to! xx

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