the week that was the reynolds vacation (part 3)

21 Aug 2016 Atlantic Beach, NC, life, usa

oh my gosh, you guys. i totally forgot that i haven’t posted the rest of my beach photos + stories. i suppose you can chalk it up to jet lag and the first week of school. i have been so busy and so exhausted… readjusting and getting back into the groove.

so, this weekend, as i was working on planning upcoming posts, it suddenly occurred that i skipped right over the rest of our beach trip!

and now, as i go through these photos again, it’s so freaking hard to believe that we were there just there one week ago. i miss being there with all of my family, but i’ve made some incredible memories. so, here we go with the next post about my family beach trip.

wednesday: coffee, beach, and cocktails

atlantic beach family atlantic beach family atlantic beach family coffee atlantic beach family coffee me atlantic beach family coffee atlantic beach family atlantic beach family summer atlantic beach family cocktails atlantic beach family wine

thursday: more sun + surf, a photo shoot with my aunt, a family bbq, and the traditional reynolds fireworks extravaganza

atlantic beach family me atlantic beach family atlantic beach family sunset atlantic beach family sunset atlantic beach family bbq atlantic beach family sunset atlantic beach family fireworks atlantic beach family sunset atlantic beach family fireworks atlantic beach family fireworks atlantic beach family fireworks atlantic beach family fireworks atlantic beach family fireworks fireworks moon family beach

so, we had a little excitement during the fireworks. they ended abruptly after the police came… like for real. you see, the fireworks were illegal + a neighbor had complained. so, we had to pack it up. yes, we reynolds are pretty much fearless – and a wee bit crazy. never a dull moment. atlantic beach family fireworks

friday: all day on the beach + a dinner with almost the entire family (minus my brother… which made me feel a bit empty).atlantic beach family atlantic beach family me atlantic beach family atlantic beach family

atlantic beach family

me, lina, and my cousin kat. you recognize her from her paris, right?

atlantic beach family cousins

the cousins (minus nick, my brother): kat, lindsey, me, tom. kat and tom are siblings. i’d say, even if we don’t all see each other that often, that we are more like siblings. so many memories together.

atlantic beach family

the fam. minus nick, again. (and plus, some friends of lindsey’s – the couple to the far left + 2 little girls). otherwise, this is it. these are the people that i love to pieces.

atlantic beach family

lina + me with my amazing parents.

saturday: we left at 3am to drive from north carolina to new jerseytravel driving dad family mom dad lina me atlantic beach family me lina

there are truly no words for what this beach week means to me – to all of us in the reynolds family, actually. and to be able to spend the last week of my vacation with these people, in this place, doing absolutely nothing but enjoying each moment as it passes, truly living in the present… well, it’s just been such a gift.

the entire trip, the whole 4 weeks, has taken my breath away.

i’ll have a summary of some top moments + best lessons learned coming up soon. for now, though, i am going to continue to glance through all of my photos and hold each and every moment dear to my heart. and, as i reminisce about this perfectly amazing summer, i am also ready to move forward.

and i’m almost ready for autumn. however, i do believe we’ve got a few more days and weeks of late summer left in sweden. and that sounds wonderful to me. no need to rush or hurry time, or the seasons. best to trust in the moment and to just let it all unfold.

thanks for traveling with me this summer… i truly, truly am touched by your presence. and i feel it with me. all love + peace to you, dear ones.

xoxo. liz.

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  1. Farm Girl says:

    Your love for your family shines through every word. What a beautiful, rich, blessed life you have! ♥

    • Liz says:

      How beautiful that you can feel the love. 🙂 Yes, blessed and so rich. And there is not one day that I the it for granted. xoxo

  2. Meghan says:

    What an amazing time you all had. So, so happy for you! (Also, freaking gorgeous photos!)

    • Liz says:

      It truly was. These family beach weeks are perhaps my most favorite weeks of all time. And that they’ve been happening for over 30 years… it just makes it even more special. Thanks for reading, my friend. xx

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