the week that was the beginning of the new (school) year // 33

hellooooo! guess who’s back on track + ready for regular life again?

that’s right. i’m coming down from my summer high and it feels great. oh sure, i could summer vacation forever, and leaving the states broke my heart (like, literally, i sobbed and sobbed as the plane took off). but, this past week, while it has not really given me the chance to ease slowly back into life, it has thrust me back into reality and reminded me of the beauty of everyday life. and, now that i’ve had some rest during the weekend, i feel all balanced out.

getting back to regular life, my everyday life, feels really good. plus, it’s the beginning of the school year, which is like a little reset button + an extra new year’s day in my world. on top of the clean slate feeling, autumn is just around the corner + i looooove autumn. but, more about that in a week or two.


you know, my mom texted me yesterday and wrote that i had exciting times ahead of me. i wasn’t quite sure what she meant by that. we don’t really have any trips scheduled for the fall, so i wasn’t thinking that there was anything extra “exciting” waiting for me. well, i asked her what she meant, and she explained that she was just thinking of my regular life… and then said that i know how to make regular exciting.

and hearing that meant everything to me.

because that is truly how i strive to live, and the vibe that i want to put out there in the universe. it is my wish to not only talk about slow, mindful living, but to actually live it. and for someone else to pick that up from me… that touched me so deeply.

so, here i am. back to the daily grind. only feeling like it isn’t a boring grind at all. and learning to truly live in the present moment is exactly what has taught me how to embrace the now… how to turn boring and ordinary into extraordinary and adventurous.

speaking of adventure… this past week definitely had its fair share – even as an adventurous vacation ended.

we landed in sweden on monday morning (after our crazy missed flight snafu) and were totally wiped out. so we grabbed a taxi home and i slept for 2 hours snuggled up with zola. then… i went to work! yep. hard core shit. i totally worked after an 8 hour overnight flight. and lina stayed home and unpacked and cleaned. we both pushed through and then crashed that night.

zola cat home

work uppsala

it was full speed ahead the rest of the week too. at work, i did not sit down at my desk for more than 10 minutes until friday. literally. i was on my feet, in meetings, helping students, etc. constantly. there was not one boring minute.

me feet birkenstocks horses stables work work country horses uppsalame first day of school work

int he evenings after work, i could barely hold my head up during the dinner hours, but by 8:30/9 i was wide awake and didn’t go to bed until about midnight every single night. only to get up at 6am and run around like crazy all over again.

all week i was pushing through to the weekend – knowing that i’d have a chance to do nothing and really settle in. but, even in the midst of all of the jet lag and exhaustion, i couldn’t stop thinking about how much i love my job. how much i love my life. how grateful i am. and how completely content + at peace i am right now.

bedroom home uppsala sunset uppsala beer weekend me weekend computer blogging home chair relax weekend beer friends

i feel as if i have shifted into a stable, secure, grounded place that i have never experienced before.

so, go ahead. bring on the ordinary days. bring on autumn. bring on everyday life. i am certain that it will be exciting + extraordinary.

xoxo. liz.

4 thoughts on “the week that was the beginning of the new (school) year // 33

  1. So many thoughts popped into my head while reading this, but mostly I just want to express how happy I am that you’re in such a contented place, living a full, authentic life! You’re seriously an inspiration. Keep on doin’ it! xoxo

    1. I can feel your support – and how you are celebrating this place where I find myself with me. And that means the world to me. xoxo

    1. It totally is, Holly. Totally. 🙂 Hope you and your girl’s reality feels good right now too. xoxo

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