# 1: off to greece!

let me begin by saying that i just spent a week in paradise. and i lived like a queen. a few times the guilt of being so lucky crept up, but then i reminded myself to soak it all in, to be aware of the gift of time and relaxation and beauty that was around me, and to use the time to recharge myself and to just enjoy life a little. it was such a beautiful & relaxing week, that lina and i are having a hard time coming back to reality. but, we’ve got lots of memories and tons of pictures to remind us of our vacation in rhodes, greece. so many pictures, in fact, that i have no idea how many blog posts this is gonna take. hehe. i don’t want to share every personal moment that we had, but i just have to share with you the beauty and fun that surrounded us. i walked around like an idiot, probably annoying everyone, saying, “oh my gosh. that is so beautiful.” or “look there. isn’t it amazing?” but, every second of every day offered me a glimpse of something beautiful that touched my soul and warmed my heart. seriously. it was amazing.

so, here we go. off to rhodes!

time to fly…

welcome to rhodes, greece!!!

 we arrived late sunday night and went straight to sleep. and i slept like a rock. when i woke, all i had to do was put on my bathing suit & head to breakfast. here’s what greeted me in the morning…


stay tuned…. this is only the beginning! peace out.

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      1. Oh me neither. We wont have time to sleep there’s so much I have to show you!!

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