# 2 greece: sleep. eat. lay around. soak up sun. repeat.

ok. i admit it. i was lazy. big time. and i loved every minute of it. i couldn’t help but think of sweden – with it’s fall-ish weather. cool air, gray skies. a little sun. a little rain. jackets. boots… and here i was basking in the sunshine, having a week of summer once again. oh yeah. i could get used to this.

time for some sun!  

 not a bad view, huh?

 some people decided to do water aerobics everyday. i was not one of them. the music was really good, though.

instead, i did this.

walking to our daily lunch buffet…

 stray cats & dogs are a serious problem in greece. they were everywhere. these 2 decided to have a cat fight under my chair during lunch. crazy.

 our cutie niece.  (just before the cat fight. hehe).

 the beach. just below the pool area. there was no sand. only pebbles. but, they were cool too. and the water… warm & salty!

 loved the water! and this time… no octopus attacks. long story, but the first time i was in greece, an octopus wrapped it’s legs around my leg. can you say “freak out?!” but, here, everything was calm & peaceful.
peace. wherever you are in the world.

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  1. Please please please tell the octopus story in detail…
    Lovely pics – nice bit of real relaxed holiday – amazing!

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