10 questions + 10 answers (and then 10 for you!)

I’m thinking it’s time for a fun questions and answers post, because we all love a post with lists. And we all love learning random things about others. Plus, this one creates community and the creativity is totally endless. So, win, win, and win.

Three years ago, I did this same question + answer post, but with different questions – and different answers, of course. So, why not pull out an old post + recreate it again?! I’d like to say that this one is new + improved. Q + A. 2017 edition.

Here’s how it works: 

→ I have 10 questions that I answer. Just cuz it’s fun.

→ Then, I write 10 questions for you to answer. Cuz that’s even more fun.

→ You answer them in your blog, Facebook, Instagram, or wherever. And then you write 10 questions to send out to the universe for others to answer.

→ And it goes on + on! Make sure to tag people, link to people, and all that other awesome social media community building stuff. Alright. Let’s get started!

1. What are three words to describe who you are (not what you do)?

evolutionary, harmonious, omnist

2. If you were an animal, what would you be?

Either a cat or a bird. My contemplative, nesting, monastic soul connects with the nature of a cat. My adventurer, seeker of freedom + wide expanses soul feels connected to birds in flight.

3. Where would you like to go on vacation right now?

Right this minute, as Sweden is in the throws of autumn darkness and rain and cold, I want more than anything to head off to some tropical or Mediterranean or Southeast Asian island with my love. To just relax, lose touch with the world, sit in the sand, stare out at the ocean, sleep, explore, read, and eat. Oh, how I want that so badly.

4. What does your bed look like? Amount of pillows, covers, colors, and patterns etc.

My bed has fluffy, gray covers. Six cushy pillows. And a super cool, furry pillow from my love’s grandparents’ home. It’s a simple, earthy, grounding, restful place.

5. Favorite Christmas song?

You know what? I’ve started thinking about/humming Christmas songs a little bit already. Even though it’s crazy early. It’s just that I love so many songs. Like all of the songs. And, Christmas goes by so fast that I don’t get to hear them enough. But, if I have to narrow it down, I would have to say, “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” by Judy Garland. Or anything else from my parents’ time. Those are the ones that mean the most, that hold my memories. Although, I’ve celebrated 9 Christmases with my wife now, so that means that we have our own little songs that give me a lump in my throat. Oh, I love Christmas music.

I love it so much that last year I made the most epic Xmas playlist that ever has been made. You can get it right → here.

6. What are you looking forward to in the next week?

Six. Days. Off. From. Work. It’s fall break here, and technically I am supposed to work all next week; but I decided to cash in 3 of my last 5 vacation days for this year. And it feels so freaking good. We’re not going anywhere, so it’ll be an incredible staycation opportunity.

7. What’s your favorite word?

Contemplative. At least it’s my favorite word right now… having much to do with who I am + how I live my life. However, my words change quite often. My favorite word often ends up being my current mantra or focus. So, for now… contemplative.

8. Three pages you always visit when having your web browser up.

My website dashboard. Huffington Post. Google.

9. What has been your favorite year, so far?

Impossible to answer. Totally impossible. This year is ranking pretty damn high actually. But, so did 2014, when we lived in Asheville, North Carolina. It was just a beautiful year filled with things I loved. Or 2008, my year on my own, after my divorce + moving to Denmark + falling in love with Lina.

10. Five things you always have in your fridge.

Oatly (oat milk) – because it makes coffee even better. Cheese – because cheese in Sweden is damn good. Creme fraiche – because I need to cook + eat sauces and/or mexican food (guacamole/lime creme) multiple times weekly.

Ok. Now it’s your turn. Feel free to answer the following 10 new questions. Post them on your blog or wherever and then come up with 10 more questions to give to your followers!

1. What moment from your life always makes you smile when you remember it?

2. What movie or tv-series could you watch over + over?

3. What song would be the soundtrack to your life?

4. Who is the most memorable/interesting person that you have met in 2017 so far, and why?

5. You’ve been given a month to travel! Where are you going to go?

6. What websites do you visit every day?

7. What is your nighttime routine?

8. What is your favorite space in your home? Describe it!

9. What are you longing for?

10. What are three words to describe who you are (not what you do)?

Happy weekend + have fun!! xoxo. liz.

One thought on “10 questions + 10 answers (and then 10 for you!)

  1. Great questions answered and given. I may answer them somewhere. If I decide to, I’ll let you know. They are questions I’d really have to think on, but that’s the point, isn’t it? xo

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